25 November 2013

Various Samples

The other day I mentioned that I got some samples in my Good&Bad of the week so far 20/11/2013 post.  I thought I would do a post showing you what I got and my first impressions.  Then after I’ve tried them I will do some reviews.  So without any further introduction, these are my samples...

NP Set Luscious Lip Shine
RRP $22.00, Colour: Marrakesh

 When I first saw this sample I was really happy that it was a full-sized product however the colour made me step back.  However I have tried this briefly and it looks really nice over a pink or red lip.

25% off voucher :)  This is a good thing for NP Set to send especially as they can get a big pricey.

 Waxaway ‘Freedom for Sensitive & Delicate Skin’ pack

I’m looking forward to trying this pack.  It came with SO many things to try and looks fantastic.

Schick Hydro Silk
RRP $19.25

I was extremely impressed with the full size sample and the $5 off voucher.  Good work Schick, it’s these kinds of samples that really give you an idea of the product and make you go back for more!

As promised at the beginning of this post I will give more in-depth thoughts and reviews in a future post but just really wanted to show you what I got!

Do you have any good sample companies you use?  I’m always looking to try new products :)

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