16 December 2014


About 24 hours ago 15 people were taken hostage in the Martin Place Lindt Cafe in Sydney, Australia.  They were taken hostage by one man that forced them to hold up an Islamic flag against the window, a move that sent chills down everyone's spines.  The flag itself was not an evil one but was deliberately used to draw people's minds to the recent acts of the group this man represented.. the Islamic State.

My husband and I watched the news coverage flat out last night, moving our TV into our bedroom so that we could keep up-to-date on what was happening.  And one thing we saw on the news really impressed us. The way the Muslim community put all of Australia before themselves, the way the majority of Australia supported the Muslim community and the following hashtag...


 It made me so proud to call myself Australian.  Because I was so sure there would be bad backlash as soon as I saw that flag held up against the window.  And there was a bit... but no where near as much as there could have been.  The hashtag is all about supporting those who wear religious dress, those who have done nothing wrong but are so often discriminated against.  It's about making them feel safe in a world of uncertainty. And I think it's great!

At 2:00 am last night there were two hostages dead and three injured as well as a police officer who was also injured.  This morning make sure you hug your family extra tight and say you love them.  Because there are two families this morning who are grieving loved ones who don't get that chance anymore.

10 November 2014

Random Avon Products | Thinking About April

 A little while ago I was given a few products from a family member that sells Avon and I thought I'd show you what I've tried and give you mini reviews of them all...

 Super Extend Infinitize Mascara
I really like this mascara and I wasn't expecting to.  The big orange tube sort of scared me but the mascara was awesome!  It lengths my lashes like crazy and makes them look like there is a million of them!  It's become a staple in my makeup bag and I would definitely suggest checking it out!

 Crazy wand... but it makes it super easy to apply the mascara evenly to all the lashes... even the pesky corner ones!

 Clearskin Invisible Blemish Corrector - for oily blemish-prone skin
I wasn't a bit fan of this product as I really didn't see any results.  It's got a plastic doe shaper applicator that I didn't find that useful and I just didn't see my blemishes corrected at all...

Moisture Effective - Eye Makeup Remover Lotion
 I was interested to see how this makeup remover would go as I've only ever tried wipes and micellar water.  I apply this to my eyes onto dry skin and rub it lightly in circular motions.  This makes me look like a messy panda ;)  and so I make sure I have a wet flannel to wipe off the mess.  This works really well and leaves my eye area feeling soft which I like.

Smooth Minerals Lip Gloss
 I wouldn't call this lip gloss super pigmented but it adds a nice colour to the lips and I like wearing wearing this over a pink/nude lipstick to add a bit of shine.  The gloss is a bit milky but I don't mind it for layering.

So those are the things I tried from Avon.  Let me know if you've tried anything from this brand as I'd love to check more things out!

7 November 2014

Lust Have It September 2014 | Thinking About April

The Lust Have It Women's Beauty Box subscription costs $19.95 per month* and contain 5 - 6 deluxe beauty items.  The subscription is delivered for free to your door and regularly contains approximately $60.00 worth of products!  At the moment Lust Have It is the beauty subscription to go for in my opinion and this month did not disappoint.

We got the same pink bag which to be honest I would prefer if they changed it up though it will make a good gift.  I didn't take a photo of all the products together as for some reason I missed one out so we'll jump straight into it...  Also I didn't get a card in my bag this month but managed to find the prices online.

1.  The Cosmetic Kitchen Macadamia Wax Creme Highlighter
Full Size Product!  $24.50

Didn't get a picture of this one,  sorry guys!  This product really confused me and still does.  Can anyone tell me how to use this please?! :)

2.  ModelCo - Skincare Sachets

Even though sachets like this are usually really unpopular in beauty subscription boxes I think these will be a hit.  I like the idea of giving you a whole skincare routine instead of just one sachet of one step.  I got this in my October Bella Box so I'll be able to try it twice!

1. Uriage - Surgras Liquide
RRP for 400ml is $34.95.  I received 8ml = $0.70

A small sample but a useful sample.  I will use this maybe not straight away but you can never get enough skincare!  I like the fact this is for sensitive skin because it means it will be ok for most people!

1.  ModelCo Lip Lacquer - Fire Red
Full Size Product!  $24.00

 I like getting makeup in beauty boxes though for some reason I always seem to get bright red lipstick/gloss.  This is a very intense "fire-engine red" colour so I probably won't wear it that much... maybe just pressed into the lips so that the colour isn't too out there.  I'm too much a neutral girl :)

1.  Glam Manicare Nail Art Pens - Gold
Full Size Product!  $9.99

 You already know what I am going to say... I don't wear nail polish.  But I do actually quite like this sample.  I've never tried nail art so I look forward to trying this out.  The only thing I do wish I'd got a pink or silver.  I like how this kit comes with everything you need as well.

 1.  Urban Skincare Co - Repair & Body Balm
RRP for 100ml is $12.95.  I received 35ml = $4.53

This balm smells amazing!  This is an amazing size sample and something I will definitely use.  I also love how they give you a coupon so that if you like it you can buy it for less.

And those were the contents of my September 2014 Bella Box subscription!

Total Box Value = $63.72

(Which doesn't even include the ModelCo sachets)

Overall I really liked this bag...  I've said it a million times but I am so happy with Lust Have It as a beauty subscription as that's not because I'm an affiliate.  Their bags are so on point and always contain plenty of full size products!  Speaking of affiliates... heh heh :)  If YOU would like $5.00 off your first month's Lust Have It Women's Beauty Box simple enter the code THINKAPRIL at the checkout and your first bag will only cost you $14.95!

 Let me know what beauty boxes you guys are subscribed to and what you thought of your boxes.  Also as always let me know if there are any products you'd like individual reviews on and I'd love to do them for you :)

5 November 2014

Bella Box September 2014 | Thinking About April

 After my annoyed post last month (here) I have officially unsubcribed to Bella Box.  I received the September and the October boxes but I don't think I'll be resubscribing any time soon.  Some people would probably love the contents of my box... they just don't suit my beauty profile at all and I was sick of paying money and then not receiving relevant items.  So here is what I got in my box....

This month was a collaboration with Gritty Pretty...

1.  Neutrogena Makeup Wipes
 RRP for 25pk is $7.99 - I received a 7 wipes = $2.24
I like receiving makeup wipes for "free"... they aren't an exciting addition but I know I will use them.
2.  Gelogic Nail Enamel - Black
 RRP is $9.99 - Full size sample!
 BLACK. NAIL POLISH.  I will not use this.  This doesn't match my beauty profile.  Not happy Bella Box :(

3.  1000 Hour Lashes
 RRP is $9.95 - Full size sample!
I don't wear false eyelashes but I actually don't mind them being in here as I can give them as gifts...  the only thing is I am paying for these boxes as a treat for me so it can be a bit disappointing to always have to give everything away.
4.  Germaine De Capuccini Defence Emulsion
 RRP for 50ml is $143.00 - I received 5ml = $14.30
 This is such an expensive product... I can't believe a tiny litle bottle is worth more than I'd pay for a massive bottle of skin care!  These little samples I will eventually use but not straight away... they just don't excite me.

5.  Sleek Makeup Eye Dust - Green
 RRP is $9.99 - Full size sample!
Nice, I have wanted to try Sleek makeup for a while and this eye pigment did not disappoint.  Though the colour is not something I will wear on a day to day basis I have popped it into my makeup draws and will definitely experiment with it more.  Fantastic pigmentation!
BONUS items:
Garnier Perfect Blur sachet
 RRP for 22ml is $16.95 - I received 1.5ml = $1.16
 I have already received a sachet of this in a magazine so already knew I liked it... the only thing is I hate it when there is about two uses in a sachet but you don't want an open sachet sitting on your bathroom counter.  I ended up using it all at once which is a bit of a waste.
Revlon Colorstay Foundation sachet
 RRP for 30ml is $34.95 - I received 1.5ml = $1.75
 Ditto!  I used about 1/3 of this one as I found it really went the distance but then I ended up throwing out the rest... I prefer the mini squeezey bottles :)

Total Value of the Box = $49.38

 Unfortunately I'm just not happy with Bella Box anymore...  which is why I have unsubscribed.  Each box is getting later and later and less matched to our beauty profiles.

Let me know if you're subscribed to any of the Australian Beauty Boxes and what you think!

3 November 2014

Mini Update | Thinking About April

Just popping in with an update... I finally got my hands on a working USB so will be able to get my photos off my camera... ABOUT TIME!  I'm really excited as I've got a few beauty subscription boxes to review and also at long last my Chi Chi palettes!  I'm loving the fact that it's finally daylight savings as I can take photos after work now :)

Hope you all had great weekends... I spent mine cleaning and also did a bit of shopping so a home haul might be up soon  as well.  Let me know if you have any posts yuo'd like to see and I hope your Mondays are going as well as they can... they are Monday after all ;)

28 October 2014

Small Things Brighten Up My Day | Thinking About April

A little while ago I found the following quote on Pinterest after Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter pinned it.  And I loved it...
....and Spiritually Speaking: Smile in the Rain In my family a rainy, foggy, cloudy, not bright sunshiny day is a soft day, a pillow day, a family day, a day for reading, music, love, for sweet kindness. Use the rainy days. They're there for a reason. ;-)
Today is a rainy, dreary day that makes you just want to curl up on the couch in a blanket and drink hot chocolates with marshmallows... unfortunately today I had to work.  I walk about 3kms from the train station to my office and in the drizzling rain it can be quite annoying.  But this quote got me thinking as well as a little moment that happened this morning.

As I was waiting to cross at the lights a ute was waiting over footpath and when the light went red for him and green for me he was completely over the path where I needed to walk.  Now I can be quite a grumpy person in the morning if bad things happen and I was all ready to get cranky :)  But then the man in the ute shouted out "SORRY!" and just like that my day brightened ⛅ ☀☀

It just made me think that really being grumpy is a choice we make just like being happy is a choice... so make sure you CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!  It's a much better choice than choosing to be grumpy.

Let me know something that made you happy today :)

24 October 2014

Pinterest Friday 24/10/2014 | Thinking About April

Pin Pin Pin...  I love it!  This week I thought I'd show you a few outfits that I've been loving at the moment.  We're in Spring at the moment in Australia so a lot of these are probably a bit more warmer weather styles but they are beautiful anyway.  I love wearing dresses and skirts that are flowy but then cinch in at the waist so that it doesn't look dumpy.  My favourite is definetely the first one...  I need to find this dress!!

Enjoy... :)

Stylish and Comfy Outfits (29) 

Found here.

Found here.

Found here.

I hope you enjoyed a few of the pins I found this week.  I've been a bit stressed this week so Pinterest has been my "calm down" thing.  What have you been loving on Pinterest lately?

Take Care,

23 October 2014

My Brain Can't Think Of A Title | Thinking About April

After nearly two weeks of being on and off sick... bleurghh I know... I am finally back.  Well sort of.  And then this morning when trying to get my photos off my memory card, via my laptop, my USB broke... like literally when I pulled it out of the computer the bit that goes into the computer seperated from the plastic part... SO annoying!  So now I have a whole lot of posts I can't write. :(

I was away in Melbourne to visit my family last weekend and then I'm going to Mildura this weekend for an engagement party so I haven't had a lot of time to go shopping or to really do anything apart from work and sleep at the moment.  But hopefully if I can get another USB today then I can write a whole lot of posts tomorrow and get them scheduled for next too so you get a whole lot more of Thinking About April.  I've been a bit disappointed with myself lately as I haven't been writing as many posts as I would like at all...  But I think what I'll do is start doing scheduled posts more often and not schedule them for every day but have them every Monday and Wednesday and then write a random/chatty Pinterest Friday blog on Fridays.  That seems a bit more manageable and means that even if I write a whole lot of content you're not swamped with it for a week and then get nothing for the next two.  Let me know your thoughts on this as I'm always interested to what you think :)

As far as my Chi Chi Palettes posts are concerned I probably won't be able to get those pictures taken until next week so those posts probably won't until the first Tuesday of November so make sure you look out for those... I'm really excited about them!  You can check out the original post here.

Let me know if you have any ideas on future posts you'd like to see including products you'd like reviewed or even tags you've seen around!  I'd like to start writing a bit more about my upcoming trip to America & Canada so you'll probably see a bit more about that soon :)  Exciting times!!  Just counted and there's only 87 days until I leave!  Eeeep!! So exciting :)

I hope you've all had a lovely week so far and, if you're in Australia, have been enjoying the AMAZING weather!

10 October 2014

Pinterest Friday! 10/10/2014

Wow I cannot believe we're already into our second week of October!  It's so crazy, it seems like the year has just begun and we have under 3 months to go!  As the weather gets warmer and summer holidays draw nearer what better thing is there to do than go on Pinterest? :)

I couldn't (couldn't be bothered) pick a theme this week so you get a few random pins!  Hope you enjoy...

Shabby Chic Nautical Beach Cottage Entryway Cork Board Key ring Coat Towel Rack Hanger LARGE Mail holder Organizer in Whisper White 

Lately for some reason I keep forgetting to pay my bills.  We don't pay them as soon as we get them because we'd prefer the money to be sitting on the mortgage for as long as possible.  But recently I have been paying them a day late which is so unlike me!  I really want to get something like this so that I have a place to keep the bills needing to be paid as well as anything else I need to remember so that I do actually remember them. Something I liked about the above pin is that there is a place to put keys or whatever else you want to hang. You can find the above on Etsy at BeachCityCreations.
Long brunette caramel highlights 
I really like these highlights... I think I'll have to print this picture out and take it to the hairdressers!  I love Pinterest for hair inspiration...  I could spend hours looking ;)  Beautiful!

Tumblr - sponge 

This took me a few minutes of staring before I worked it out...  Comment below if you work it out too!  But don't give it away!!! :)

For some reason I couldn't make this picture smaller but it's my favourite one this week so we'll leave it big :)  This is such an important thought... to choose to be content.  It's not an easy thing to be in a world that constantly tells us to want more.  But it's important to be content with whatever we have because only then can we be happy.

Let me know what you've been pinning lately!  Hope you all have a lovely weekend...  Take Care :)

9 October 2014

Lust Have It August 2014 - BIRTHDAY BOX!

The Lust Have It Women's Beauty Box subscription costs $19.95 per month* and contain 5 - 6 deluxe beauty items.  The subscription is delivered for free to your door and regularly contains approximately $60.00 worth of products! We got the same hot pink bag as last week but I (silly me) forgot to take a picture.

This month was an awesome box/ bag for Lust Have It!  It was their Birthday Box and when you hear that you know it has to be good!  But I had no idea it was going to be as good as it was!  I will literally use everything...  Squueeeeee :)

I'm pretty sure everyone got the same things in the box this month and they were the following...

1.  Eleven Australia - Miracle Hair Treatment
Full Size Product!  $24.95

I am starting to hair products..  for the longest time I would just use shampoo & conditioner and very occasionally hair spray.  Now I use "hair treatments" - look at me go! Lol  Seriously though I like this product.  When I first opened it I wasn't sure whether I would ever use it but once I got past the very strong coconut smell I really enjoyed what it did.  It is one of those treatment that does 100 different things but what I have noticed is that when I apply a small bit to my wet hair it detangles it so quickly without needing a brush.  A winner in my book and a keeper for now :)

 2.  Essenzaa Fuss Free Naturals - Facial Cleansing Wipes
Full Size Product!  $6.95 + $2.50

Facial wipes from a beauty subscription box...  We get so many of these but this time I was happy because it came with a full size for the bathroom and a mini pack for the handbag.  What more could a girl want?

3.  BioElixa - Body Shaper Stretch Mark Diminisher
Full Size Product! $39.00

I will use this product too.  Are we sensing a theme here?  I really like everything in this box!  After I got my married I gained weight quickly and then lost it again quickly as well last year.  Because of this I have stretch marks.. there I said it... phew!  I have used this creme a few times and I'm liking it so far.  I haven't really noticed a difference over time however I probably need to do it twice a day like it says.

4.  Bioderma - Crealine H20
 RRP for 250ml is $29.99 - received a 20ml sample = $2.40

Having tried the Garnier dupe for this I really wanted to try the original.  I really liked the dupe but I loved the original.  I also loved how cute the deluxe sample of this was!

5.  Marsk Eyeshadow Brush Pro-Line 
Full Size Product!  $28.95

It was great thinking on their part to give this brush as last month we all received Marsk Eyeshadows.  It's a nice quality brush and though I don't think I'd pay the full price for it, I was pretty stoked to see it in my bag!

The box also contained the following discount cards which contain heaps of different offers :)  I don't think I'll actually use them but if you already used the stores then you would be stoked!

And those were the contents of my August 2014 Bella Box subscription!

Total Box Value = $104.75

Once again 4 out of 5 of the samples were full sized however this month the box was worth stacks!!!  The Birthday Box completely wowed me this month so props to you Lust Have It!  And now here is the exciting bit!  If YOU would like $5.00 off your first month's Lust Have It Women's Beauty Box simple enter the code THINKAPRIL at the checkout and your first bag will only cost you $14.95!

Let me know if you're subscribed to any of the beauty subscription services and which one you would recommend!  I'm a bit over Bella Box at the moment unfortunately but Lust Have It have been super on point and getting better and better.  What are your thoughts on this month's bag?

What's in my Bag? Lip Products!

I am feeling super unmotivated today...  I just can't get into the groove of things (is that even a saying?) and it's an amazing day outside so all I want to do is go out!  I always get like this after  a long weekend... I feel like short weeks (this one is a 4 day week in Adelaide) always feel so much longer than 5 day weeks.

Soooo I thought I'd do a what's in my bag as far as lip products are concerned.  I always carry way more than I need however that being said I don't have that many to show you today.  These photos were taken with my phone on my desk so they're nothing flashy... but enjoy anyway :)

1.  Lucas Pawpaw Ointment
2.  Rimmel  Lashting Finish by Kate Moss in 07
3.  Natio Lip Colour in Eden
4.  L'Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Velvet Rose (378)
5.  Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Notting Hill Nude (720)
6. Maybelline Baby Lips in Berry Crush

These lipsticks/balms are some of my favourites (as you can see) and I never seem to take them out of my handbag... even when I do they seem to appear back in there :)

What lipsticks/balms do you carry in your handbag?  I love the pinks/nudes!


7 October 2014

Chi Chi Cosmetics - Palettes

I really like Chi Chi Cosmetics.  They are a good Australian 'drugstore' brand which produces fantastic makeup!  To date I haven't tried any of  their brand that I haven't liked.  I have mentioned their palettes before in posts and even briefly reviewed the Rich Gems palette here as part of a set.  But I have never done full blown posts on the individual palettes so I thought that is what I would :)

This post is just going to show you the palettes I own and then I will come back and link the posts once I have done them.  I think I'll make this a Tuesday thing so this post will go up on Tuesday (wow look at me scheduling again) and then each palette post on the following Tuesdays after that.

So as you can see I have four palettes:  The Nudes, Bases, Rich Gems and Elegant Palette.  And I'm sure you can tell by the writing on the front which one I use and love the most... :)

With flash!

Without Flash!

Funnily enough the colours show up a lot more true with flash than without.  As you can tell I prefer more natural browns and pinks :)  These are beautiful palettes and I cannot wait to review them all for you!  I'll will update this post each week with a link to the individual review post.

Have you tried any of the other Chi Chi palettes?  If so, which would you suggest I try next? 

6 October 2014

Women's Health Magazine Showbag 2014

Last month I went to the Royal Adelaide Show with my hubby and some friends of ours.  I love going to the show and apart from the the baby animals my favourite thing is going through all the show bags!  For the second year in a row I got the Women's Health Show Bag and I thought I'd show you what was in it!

The show bag comes in a lovely white and magenta Women's Health gym bag (you could also get black but they were out) which was quite similar to the magenta and silver writing one I got last year.  This alone makes the show bag and you can never have too many of these little bags!

The show bag cost $25.00, so one of the more expensive show bags, but is defiantly worth the money as the website says it's valued at $248.70 (very specific haha).  I got this list of the website of everything included... there is A LOT!

Women's Health magazine (current issue)
InStyle magazine (current issue)
Women's Health magazine (back issue)
WHO magazine (current issue)
Women's Health Gym Bag (choice of two)
Sport Towel with zipper pockets
Designer Brands Kohl Pencil + Beauty Mag
Schick Hydro Silk Razor
Batiste Dry Shampoo Original
Compeed Blister Patch sample
Compeed Cold Sore Patch sample
Dermeze Thick Cream sachets
Dermeze Cream sachets
Palmer's Intensive Relief Moisturiser
Chang's Gluten Free Pad Thai noodles
Tetley Steamed Green Tea samples
Mug Shot Noodles
Boost Juice Boost Buck voucher
Chesser Studios Photography Discount Offer
Anytime Fitness Trial Pass
Cookie Man Discount Offer
Melbourne SeaLife Aquarium/Otway Fly Discount Offer
Essentials In a Box Online Discount Offer

So it came with A LOT of stuff and the good thing about it is that I will actually use a lot of this stuff.  The magazines are all fun ones to flick through and even though I'm not the fittest or fashionable person in the universe I love Women's Health & InStyle magazines  for tips :)  Apart from the magazines, the shaver & Batiste dry shampoo are probably what sold me as I love them both!

Did you guys go to the show this year?  What show bag did you get or what is your favourite type to get.  Every year I look at the Model Co one and get so tempted but never actually buy it.  Maybe next year ;)