27 February 2014

Bella Box February 2014 - What I got

February was my first month to get the subscription box Bella Box and I was so excited!  Every month there is a theme for the box and this month's was Red Carpet Ready which meant the box would be full of things that would help prepare you for a red carpet... or just make you feel glam.  Each box contains at least 5 deluxe samples and it costs $15.00 per month.

Each month there is a sneak peak on Facebook and this month we saw that there would be Burts Bees & Aveda in the boxes.  I didn't get either brand in my box but I wasn't too fussed either way.  If you haven't read my chatty post from yesterday I plan to do 2 posts per Bella Box.  The first is just to show you what I got and how much the box was worth with photos of each product.  The second post will contain swatches & reviews and will come a week or so after the first as I will need to test every product.

(Side Note:  I wasn't heaps impressed with the way my box was presented, I know it doesn't really matter but I like good presentation.  It just looks like it was thrown in there which made my first impression of the box a bad one).

So without further babble I will show you what I got in my box...  Enjoy :)

 You get a card which has all the products on it with the recommended retail prices and some information about the product and where you can buy it.

1.  Romy Eucalyptus & Lemongrass Body Lotion  -  Green
Cost: RRP per 300ml $29.99.  I got a 12ml sample which is worth $1.20.

2.  Om She Aromatherapy Liquid Eye Liner Pot  -  Colour
This is a full Size Sample!  It costs $13.95.

Please excuse my gross fingers & nails ;)

3.  Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner  -  Cult
Cost: RRP per 30ml $30.95.  I got a 15ml sample which is worth $15.48 and it was a half size sample.

4.  John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Intense After-Colour Conditioner  -  Essential
Cost: RRP per 150ml $16.99.  I got a 50ml sample which is worth $5.66.

5.  Om She Aromatherapy Wash Away Milk Cleanser  -  Essential
Cost: RRP per 125ml $12.95.  I got a 30ml sample which is worth $3.11.

BONUS  Swisspers Naturals Aloe Daily Moisturiser SPF 15
Cost:  RRP per 300ml $29.99.  The bonus sample was 5ml which is worth $0.50.

And that is the contents of my February 2014 Bella Box!

Total Box Value = $39.90

 Overall I was pretty happy with the box and the products that I received.  As you can see above the box value more than doubles what I paid which is awesome!  I don't want to go into the products too deeply as the review post is coming however I am really looking forward to drying the pore refiner and milk cleanser!

What did you guys get in your Bella Box?  Let me know and make sure to link your blog posts because as I've said before I am super nosey and love to see what everyone gets!

26 February 2014

The week so far 26/02/2014

Wow!  I haven't written one of these posts in quite a while but I really felt like doing a chatty post so here we are :)  I have all these thoughts running around my head and instead of doing little blog posts on them separately I though it would good to just get them all out.

My Rabbits
On my birthday weekend when my husband & I were away my two rabbits got in together (they are male & female) which means I am pretty sure they are pregnant and I am SO EXCITED!  They should be due from this weekend onwards and she usually has her bubs 4 weeks from the date.  I can't wait and I'll be sure to put pics up if she does have them :)

This month I subscribed to +bellabox Australia and received my box on Monday!  I have decided that I will stay subscribed for at least 3 months and then decide whether I want to continue.  I thought every month I might do 2 posts for each month's box.  I want to do a post that shows all the items I got in the box and then another one with swatches and reviews.  This way I should be able to get the open box post up quite quickly and then have time to test the products and do review post after I have had time to trial the items properly.

Sorry I haven't had time yet to get the Open Box post up for February's box yet but I should have it up this week and then hopefully the review post next week.  It was so exciting to get the box at my door and I can't wait to bring it to you!

Healthy Eating
 Ew!  I hate those words :)  It sounds so "fad" like but for me at the moment it isn't.  I've started having breakfast daily, not snacking all day and sticking to a meal plan that works.  And I am so so proud of myself!  It's been nearly 2 weeks and still going strong.  In fact it's getting easier.  I'm not getting as hungry during the day which is a massive plus because it means I don't get as many cravings anymore.  What I want to work on is going for a walk/run at night after tea and also not eating a snack with my coffee at night.

My Skin
My face is so dry at the moment and I know why.  I will do a seperate post on it but a while ago I was using 2 sample Neutrogena  products together I got terribly dry skin.  I had thought it was due to using the 2 products at once but now I realise it was just one of them.  So I have stopped using it and am slathering my face with cream every night trying to make it better.  I hate dry skin!

Holiday Plans
A few months ago I wrote a post titled "America" about my plans to go to America at the end of the year and this is still in the works.  It's the first overseas holiday my husband and I are planning entirely on our own and it is stressing me out!  I have no idea where to start when it comes to getting decent accomodation for a reasonable price in a good location.  I have no idea about anything really apart from the fact I want to do flights through an agent and I want to go to Disneyland/world :)
If you have planned your own overseas trip I would love any tips you might have as I am so lost!

Future Posts
I am planning to try and post at least twice a week with the occasional bonus post.  I have finally got myself a box where I have put products I need to review for you guys so those posts are coming.  Not only that but I also want to continue with my makeup collection series.  I was also thinking of doing a few receipe/cooking posts and maybe even organisation/home posts.  2014 is looking exciting for me & my blog so I hope you enjoy it!

Let me know if you have any ideas on posts you'd like to see.  I love tags and life posts but also I am keen to review new beauty/body products for you!

Hope you are all having a good week!!


24 February 2014

My Makeup Collection: MASCARA

I love mascara.  If I had to survive forever with only one product it would be mascara.  So many people out there would choose foundation or at least concealer but even though I don't have perfect skin it doesn't bother me as much.  Mascara lengthens and thickens your eyelashes and immediately makes your eyes look bigger.  They say that a person's eyes are the window to their soul... I don't know about that but I do know that I love the way mascara makes my eyes look.

I though I could do a few of these type posts with my collections of different types of products (eg:  lipsticks, glosses, bb creams, etc.)  I love having a nosey of people's makeup collections and this will be my blog version :)

So here are the mascaras I currently have in my collection:   I have put them in order of my 'favourite to my "I never use this" Mascara (running from left to right).

 1.  Napoleon Perdis Mascara - this one came as a freebie with In Style Magazine and I love it!  It's my only high-end mascara and has made me really want to try more of their range.
2. Revlon Photoready 3D Volume - this mascara is my only tubular mascara which means the mascara creates a tube around the lash rather than sticking to it.  This means it's super easy to remove and also defines the lashes a lot better.  I love this mascara!
3.  Chi Chi 3D Magic Lash - I keep meaning to do a review on this product.  I received it in my prize from Chi Chi Cosmetics and it is my every day mascara.  I love what it does to my lashes!
4.  Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black - This was one of the first mascaras I ever bought and it always finds it's way back into my collection.  It is cheap and awesome!
5.  Maybelline The Falsies in Blackest Black - I have seen this mascara all over YouTube and the blogger-sphere!  And it definetely lives up to the hype!  The only thing I'm not the biggest fan of is the brush shape.
6.  Model Co Fat Lash - I got this for free for answering a survey on their website.  I was more impressed than I thought I would be but don't reach for it that often.
7.  Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara - This mascara takes me too long to make it look good.  If I don't focus it clumps and I don't really like the fat tube.
8.  NYC Big Bold Mascara - I have no idea why I bought this mascara or why I still have it.  I don't like the fat plastic brush & I don't know the brand.  I'm going to chuck this one as soon as I get home :)

A close up of the wands :)  Ooh I feel like Harry Potter! haha

What is your favourite mascara?  Let me know because I LOVE trying new ones!  Also if you have a makeup collection on your blog or YouTube channel link it below... as I said, I'm nosey! ;)

21 February 2014

Drugstore Makeup & Candle Haul!

Not long ago I stumbled across an awesome discount makeup store in Harbour Town Adelaide.  The store is called Cosmetics Fragrance Direct and has outlets all over Australia.

Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

The shop stocks perfume, cosmetics, bath & body products and much more.  I seriously reccommend going there because you can grab some great drugstore products for a steal as well as some high-end finds if you are lucky!  I haven't kept the receipts of everything I bought but I will try to find them on the website if I can or at least write the RRP.  I went to two stores to purchase the following items:  DFO South Wharf Melbourne & Harbour Town Adelaide.  I hope you enjoy my haul...

Now I was a goose and didn't write down some of the products' colours/names so I will try to come back on Monday and write them :)

 1.  Revlon Luxurious Colour Smokey Crayon in Bronze Smoke
2.  Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof in Bronze
(Price:  $5.00)

 3.  Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel in Clear

 5.  Revlon Lipstick - :(  I thought I brought the colour with me!
6.  Covergirl lip perfection jumbo gloss balm - Ballet Twist, 205
7.  Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede - High Heels, 030
(Cost  =  $7.00)

8.  Caramel flavoured Homemade Candle.  I found this in a fishing shop and it was homemade by the shop assistant's sister which I thought was so cool.  This is her facebook if you want to check her out!

 9.  Cosmetic Fragrence Direct Blending Sponge 
(Cost  =  $6.00)
This is their try on the beauty blender which I have never tried.  The only thing is on the second use of this I didn't clean it straight away so it's now stained :(  Works so well though!


 I hope you all enjoyed this haul.  I'm still getting used to taking photos of products and I'm trying to get better "backgrounds" so sorry! :)  If you'd like any reviews of these products let me know!

17 February 2014

Beauty or Lifestyle Blog?

I've been thinking lately about my blog and what I really want it to be.  I love beauty and reviewing products however when I first started this blog I really wanted to write chatty posts as well.  This is where YOU the one reading this comes in!  :)  What do YOU want to read?  I know that I won't stop doing beauty reviews and I won't stop the occasional chatty posts but I'd love to know what YOU guys think I should focus most of my attention on.

This blog was never about getting followers it was a place for me to be able to express myself which is what it is at the moment.  But now I have realised that people are reading it... not a lot of people, but enough :)  It makes me excited and proud that there are people out there that want to read what I am writing.

Whenever I go to buy a product I always look it up online to see what people say and if I can't find a review about it then 9 times out of 10 I won't purchase it.  I wanted my blog to be one that people trusted in my reviews because I will tell you the truth!

So I'd love it if you would let me know what you like reading!  Or simply drop by and say hello :)  You have no idea how happy it makes me to know that you are reading and that I may be helping you in someway.   Let me know if you guys are writing a blog as I love finding new ones especially Australian ones but I love the international ones too!

14 February 2014

Chi Chi Cosmetics - Glamorous Makeup Collection - RICH GEMS

A while ago I purchased the Chi Chi Cosmetics Glamorous Makeup Collection RICH GEMS Set for $17.50 from Target (on special from $24.95).  The set contains four Lip Glosses, a Blush and the Rich Gems Eyeshadow Palette.

I thought I would do a post swatching the contents of this set and letting you know my initial thoughts on each product.

Normal Chi Chi Viva La Diva Glosses retail for $9.95 and you get four of these glosses.  These aren't the Viva La Diva glosses however they are lovely and pigmented.  They also have a lovely candy smell which makes me want to eat them!  But I won't ;)

This blush isn't sold separately either however Chi Chi's Mosaic Blushes retail for $19.95.  You have options with this blush to have a light pink, bronzed pink or bright pink colour.  The swatch below is all the colours mixed together but you definitely can have a different look if you so desire.

The Rich Gems Glamorous Eyes Eyeshadow Palette retails for $22.95 and is the only item in this set that is in their permanent collection.  It is full of brilliant purples, pinks, golds, greens & blues that are not too bright to be unwearable.  I look at this palette and immediately see combinations to put on my eyes but unfortunately due to the fact I am relatively new to eyeshadow I never really stray from the golds, browns & dark green.  I would love to be more adventurous with the palette as it truly is lovely so we'll see I guess :)

These swatches are NOT the best SORRY!  The greens show up SO much more than they do here.  I was in a rush :(

All up I think this set is a great one for someone starting up their makeup collection as you get 4 lipglosses, a blush & an eyeshadow palette.  All up it values roughly at $82.70 and I got it for $17.50!  What a BARGAIN!

Let me know if YOU have tried Chi Chi Cosmectics and what your favourite product it!  If not I highly suggest the brand as I have not tried one thing I have not liked.

13 February 2014

Bella Box

I am super excited because I have finally subscribed to....  BELLA BOX!  Woohoo!!  I have been looking at their facebook and website for ages and could never justify it even though it's only $15 a month.  But I have quite a bit of birthday money still to spend so I decided to bite the bullet and get one month to start with.  The great thing about Bella Box is you can cancel your subscription at any time and it's free shipping!

For the longest time I have read blog posts & watched YouTube videos on beauty subscription boxes.  In Australia they are slightly more expensive and there aren't as many options so I never was truly convinced.  But now that I have subscribed and I so, so excited to get my first box.

They are given us a few hints on what is in the box with the brands Burt's Bees & Aveda getting a mention but we will see what I get...

If I like the concept once I've received the box I think I might get a few more of them.  And I will definitely do blog posts & pictures of the products so you can see if it's worth it for YOU :)

Yay I am so excited haha does that make me lame??

Are you guys subscribed to Bella Box?  Do you think it's worth the $15 a month and what is the best thing you have received?

12 February 2014

21st Birthday Presents

I love these kind of posts.  I'm very nosey like that :)  So I thought I would write a WHAT I GOT FOR MY BIRTHDAY post!  Woohoo!!  (Though I'm sure it's a tad more exciting for me than you guys! lol)

Well there isn't much more to say so I'll get straight into the pictures of what I was given  Two things that I will say is that:
1.  I am so incredibly grateful for what I was given and never expected it!
2.  Sorry for the shoddy pictures of everything!  I really wanted to get this post up and just decided that any photos would be better than none.

So with that out of the way here are a few things I was given...

technically not a present but my brother&sister-in-law bought me a cake... nom nom

6 mixing bowls, a sifter & spatula - might seem like a boring pressie to you but I was ECSTATIC as I need ALL those things!

A lovely lavender body set

Coles Myer & Review Gift Card

"Pasta" and "Greek" cooking books & Ferrero Rocher choccies!

 My parents gave me this beautiful little purse/clutch from Kate Hill with some money in it so that I could go shopping without having to feel the pinch in my pocket!  It is so gorgeous and was such a fun day shopping for my birthday.  A haul is coming up but I still have money to spend!

For a little one it has a LOT of room!

 I also got a lovely black bag from Kate Hill from one set of grandparents but the photo I took of it is so awful I can't put it up! Below is an image of a website so you can get an idea :)

My awesome sisters got me Confessions of a Shopaholic (love this movie!), Owl Salt n Pepper shakers from Typo & a pretty scarf with butterflies on.  I love the colours mint and pink at the moment so this pressie suited me to the T!

I got these two necklaces which are both beautiful!

 Then I got some more money from other people which I am still thinking about what to spend it on.   From my 2 other brother-in-laws I got tickets to South Pacific & from my parents-in-law I got plane tickets which were both amazing and super generous pressies!

Last but most certainly not least from my darling hubby I got...

A FANCY SHMANCY BATH ROBE!!  As in like the ones you get in hotels!  Oooh la la!  This has made every day a fancy one :)

Bath robes and towels from Adairs

I always comment on how much I love these and he must've been listening... I mean I do say it quite often ;)

As you can see I was a very lucky girl and I love each and every thing!

Let me know if you have any ideas on stuff to buy with the rest of my birthday money as I'm always looking for extra girly stuff to have :)  And also let me know if you'd be interested in seeing a haul post!

PS:  Sorry this post is a tad late...  I know I know it's 12 days since my birthday but I have been so busy lately and life has come first :)  But I will try to be better!