6 February 2014

My 21st Birthday Weekend

On the 1st of Feb this year I turned 21!  Woohoo an adult in every country haha :)  I don't really like birthdays usually but for the first time I was actually looking forward to it!  I thought I'd do a post on what I did and then either tomorrow or next week a post on what I got for my birthday.

Last Thursday was going to be date night.  Little did I know that my wonderful husband had surprised me with a whole lot of my friends and my parents-in-law at the restaurant.  We went to Nona (Nick's of North Adelaide) and had an awesome meal!  They are so so good there and I would highly recommend it!

I had the best night catching up with all my friends and was overcome with their generosity!  When you move to a new place it's really hard to make friends but I have now and I'm very happy :)

My husband and I went to Melbourne for the weekend to see my family and which was so nice and we stayed Saturday night in the City at +Crowne Plaza Melbourne.  I thought instead of chatting all about my weekend I would just let a couple of photos tell the story...

Our Hotel Room at the Crowne Plaza Melbourne:


How beautiful is this??  I loved it... I like to think they did all the Chinese New Year celebrations for ME :) haha

When the hubby & I got back from the City on Sunday we went out for lunch at Sofias in Burwood, VIC which was lovely.

The owner even gave me two massive tubs of gelati because it was my birthday weekend.  Which made me sooo excited because I LOVE Gelati!!  mmm...

I had an amazing weekend for my 21st Birthday and I hope you have enjoyed a little trip around Melbourne from your chairs :)  What did you do on your weekend??

See you soon with my birthday present post!


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