13 January 2015

Any Tips? | Thinking About April

It's the 13th of January 2015 and there's less than 5 days until my husband and I leave on our holiday to the US and Canada!! Woot Woot :)  We're planning on going to San Fransisco, a week visiting my brother and his wife, New York City, Washington and Los Angeles. And we are so excited!  Every few hours I google the weather to see if there is any snow fall and every so often I have a look at tourist websites.  I plan to do all the normal touristy things but was wondering whether any of you had any little gems you think are "must see things" in any of the above cities?  Are there any touristy things that are overrated and not worth the time, etc... I'd love to know!

As a little bit of an update (I know it's been AGES) I have finally bought what I like to call a "big girl's camera" and can't wait to show you the photos that I plan to take!  I hope that having this camera means I can expand my blog and make it a better quality space of internet, something pretty to drop by and see :)  I plan to do a proper update post but this will have to do for now as I've got to run!

Let me know what your favourite part of the US or Canada is!