23 September 2014

It's Spring Time!

Finally it's my favourite season... SPRING!  I say this at the start of every season but with Spring it is probably the most true.  I have been having a really good week so far so I thought I'd keep up with the positivity and write a happy post.  So here are some of the reasons I love Spring...

Baby Animals!

Spring is the time when all the animals have their cute little babies and who doesn't want baby animals?!  I know I do!  I recently went to the Adelaide Show and fell in love with all the animals... and wanted to take them all home!  If you like animals like me, enjoy the following pictures...  
You. Are. Welcome.

Spring Blossoms

I think spring blossoms are one of my favourite flowers, if not my favourite. And I love how Spring brings them and everywhere you go it smells beautiful!  All our trees have gotten blossoms on them at the moment and it is so exciting especially as that means that fruit is coming soon too!

Gorgeous Weather

Today and yesterday both have been 26 degrees which is my ideal temperature.  I love it when the weather gets warmer and warmer in the day but it's still cold at night and that is exactly what it's been at the moment.  I love being able to have my lunch outside instead of being stuck inside all of the time.

So those are a few reasons why I love Spring and why I feel so chirpy at the moment!  Let me know what your favourite season is and why :)  I'm having such a good week for no particular reason at all and I hope you all are as well!

12 September 2014

Pinterest Friday 12/09/2014 - Style Edition

Finally back with another Pinterest Friday... it's been ages... and Pinterest I have missed you!  I started this post 3 weeks ago but obviously I failed and that :)  I have wanted to do a "style" edition for a while because I love pinning outfit ideas as I dream about my 'one-day-wardrobe'.

So here we go... here is a peek into my dream wardrobe:

I LOVE this outfit!  I don't know what it is because when I look at individual components of it they're not anything special.  But together they look awesome!  I wouldn't probably put the clutch with this outfit & I think I'd put a yellow shoe :)  In fact any pop of colour would look good.
natural balayage

This one wouldn't really go in my wardrobe but I feel like having great hair is a major part of any look.  I have been thinking about getting my hair ombre'd (?) or balayage'd (?) for some time now.  I have never died my hair and the most "out there" thing I ever did was cut my belly-button length hair to my chin (NEVER AGAIN!).  I have been growing my hair out ever since that and so have only just gotten it cut after nearly 2 years!  I got layers put in but because of how long I'd left it uncut I got quite a bit taken off the ends so it's not very long now.  I'm going to gradually grow it out and then get something like the above down... SO. PRETTY. RIGHT?..
cute spring outfit
This entire outfit is my idea of the perfect casual yet completely put together outfit.  I love it!  The shoes aren't really my cup of tea but the rest of it is my tea, coffee & milo combined! :)
I think I need this ;)
Last but definetely not least is this awesome exercise top I found today.  I love running tops that have words on them even though other people may find them tacky.  There's nothing better than really struggling to run or do a hard walk and then you see a hilarious running top!  I need to find this one!

Let me know what YOU'VE been pinning recently :)  Have a great weekend!

11 September 2014

Life Update

Hey guys, long time no chat.  Sorry I have been so bad lately but I saw no point writing posts when I was really unmotivated - I knew that the posts would be terrible!  So I thought I'd do a life update post as my way back into "regular" (if I can ever manage it) blogging.  This is going to be a completed random post but I just have a whole lot of random stuff to get out :)

I went to Melbourne with the hubby last weekend to spend time with my family which was so lovely!  I haven't gotten to spend nearly enough time with them this year so it was so nice to take some time off and just have fun together.  We went to the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens while we were there and they were so beautiful!  I would strongly recommend vising them if you get a chance.

My husband has been amazing recently and built a hutch palace for my two babies rabbits to live in and they are so so happy now!  It's been something we've wanted to get done for ages and we finally got it done!  Thanks love! :)

Getting Fitter
We have been trying to do Mount Lofty every Saturday and are getting better and better at it!  I am loving getting outside and getting fitter, even though the process is a long one.  We are also trying to go on walk/runs every night that we have nothing on which has been good - though recently it has felt like we're out every night!  Let me know if you want a post on our current "exercise routine".

Adelaide Show
We're going to the show tonight!  And I am so excited about it!!  We're going with some friends and I definitely plan to do a post on it and also possibly one on the show bag that I choose :)  I love looking at all the animals and then the car shows and fireworks at the end.  It's like the funnest time of the year in my opinion & you don't necessarily have to spend too much moolah!

Back to Blogging
As I've mentioned I'm really wanting to get back to regularly blogging in a way that I can actually stick to - whether that means only 2 posts a week or something I need to find a way that works.  I am all by myself Saturday so apart from cleaning the house & getting groceries I want to take a whole lot of photos and get them onto a USB!  I can do this! :)  Woo!

How have you guys been lately?  Let me know what you've been up to and as always if you have any posts you'd like to see from me, let me know! :)