12 September 2014

Pinterest Friday 12/09/2014 - Style Edition

Finally back with another Pinterest Friday... it's been ages... and Pinterest I have missed you!  I started this post 3 weeks ago but obviously I failed and that :)  I have wanted to do a "style" edition for a while because I love pinning outfit ideas as I dream about my 'one-day-wardrobe'.

So here we go... here is a peek into my dream wardrobe:

I LOVE this outfit!  I don't know what it is because when I look at individual components of it they're not anything special.  But together they look awesome!  I wouldn't probably put the clutch with this outfit & I think I'd put a yellow shoe :)  In fact any pop of colour would look good.
natural balayage

This one wouldn't really go in my wardrobe but I feel like having great hair is a major part of any look.  I have been thinking about getting my hair ombre'd (?) or balayage'd (?) for some time now.  I have never died my hair and the most "out there" thing I ever did was cut my belly-button length hair to my chin (NEVER AGAIN!).  I have been growing my hair out ever since that and so have only just gotten it cut after nearly 2 years!  I got layers put in but because of how long I'd left it uncut I got quite a bit taken off the ends so it's not very long now.  I'm going to gradually grow it out and then get something like the above down... SO. PRETTY. RIGHT?..
cute spring outfit
This entire outfit is my idea of the perfect casual yet completely put together outfit.  I love it!  The shoes aren't really my cup of tea but the rest of it is my tea, coffee & milo combined! :)
I think I need this ;)
Last but definetely not least is this awesome exercise top I found today.  I love running tops that have words on them even though other people may find them tacky.  There's nothing better than really struggling to run or do a hard walk and then you see a hilarious running top!  I need to find this one!

Let me know what YOU'VE been pinning recently :)  Have a great weekend!

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