20 August 2014

Bella Box July 2014 Review

July's Bella Box was themed American Beauty and we were promised American trends and things that American celebrities use.  This month's sneak peak showed 3 'colour' items which each member would receive one of.  The sneak peaks had everyone really excited this month and they were all pretty good!

So here is what I got in my July Bella Box...

1.  Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream  -  Luxe
Cost:  RRP per 70g is $34.95.  I got 3ml which is worth $1.50.

This one seems to be quite a similar to a favourite of mine, the Lucas Paw Paw Ointment, however this one has quite a strong eucalyptus smell.  Because of this smell I am less inclined to use it on the lips however it makes a nice little addition to pop into my handbag to use on anything I need to use it on!  And as with the Lucas ointment, this one seems to last forever as well!  One thing is that this tube is clearing marked FROM JAPAN.. so not really an "American Beauty" sample.

2.  Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquer (Backstage Pass)  -  Colour
Cost:  RRP per 15ml is $14.95.  Full size sample!

This was the most disappointing sample of the box for me only because 1. It's nail polish and 2. The colour is awful.  There may be many people out there that really like a mostly black, with a hint of magenta shimmer, however I am not one of them.  I must sound like a broken record but I really don't like dark nail polishes and I seem to get them so often!  I will be giving this one away to someone that will use it more than me :)  One thing that was a positive is that this is a Carrie Underwood nail polish so it is an "American Beauty" item.

3.  Nailene Treatment To Go Pen  -  Essential
Cost:  RRP per 4ml is $14.99.  Full size sample!

This one was a really cool sample.  I've never seen these sorts of pens before but that may because I never paint my nails.  I will definitely use this one as when I do paint my nails I want them to dry as fast as possible.


4.  Designer Brands Lip Butter Mango  -  Classic
Cost:  RRP per 10ml is $4.99.  Full size sample!

Designer Brands is certainly NOT something I classify as "America Beauty".  This is a chemist brand that you buy in chemists, if you buy it at all.  I'm not trying to shame a brand I just don't think that one of our "cheap" brands should be getting into a beauty subscription box.  I will try this lip butter or I will give it away I'm not sure yet.

5.  Revlon Fantasy Lengths Self Adhesive Lashes  -  Colour
Cost:  RRP per 1 set is $9.99.  Full size sample!

How lashes are a colour item is beyond me but there you go.  As I mentioned in my July Lust Have It post I don't wear lashes and though these are pretty I have put them away in my present box to give to someone who actually will use them.  These fit the theme a lot better though so I was happy to see these in here!

BONUS  Natralus Pure 100% Aloe Vera Gel
Cost:  RRP per 200ml is $14.45.  I got 2g which is worth $0.15.

This one was a 'meh' product however as it was the bonus product I wasn't too fussed.  I will use this one but will I rush to use it?  No, probably not.

And those were the contents of my July 2014 Bella Box subscription!

Total Box Value = $46.57

So July was a good month for both Bella Box & Lust Have It with 4 full size products in both subscriptions.  However with Bella Box this month I just don't feel like they were fitting in with their theme.  I love the fact that Bella Box does a theme each month because it gets you all excited about what you're going to get.  But I don't see the point of a theme if you don't stick to it.  I only just made my money back this month with the products I'm going to use however I do have a few things to put in my present basket so that's a plus ;)

Let me know if you are subscribed to Bella Box and what you got if you are!  Also, as always, let me know if you want any individual reviews on any item in this box :)

18 August 2014

July 2014 Lust Have It Women's Box

The Lust Have It Women's Beauty Box subscription costs $19.95 per month* and contain 5 - 6 deluxe beauty items.  The subscription is delivered for free to your door and regularly contains approximately $60.00 worth of products!  July's Lust Have It Women's box came with a different bag and it's definitely my favourite so far!  I already get the most use out of this bag and it also feels the best quality.

So here is what I got in my bag...


1.  Marsk Mineral Eye-Shadow - Rich List
Cost:  RRP per 1.2gr is $24.95.  Full size sample!

 When I first opened this sample I was a bit scared off by what looked like a yellow eyeshadow.  It looked like something that would never work.  However when I applied it to my lid (by pressing it in with a flat brush) I found it actually quite subtle and pretty.  Be careful with this one though as too much of it can look a bit strange... practice makes perfect though :)

2.  Ultra Firming Body Balm

Cost:  RRP per 150ml is $9.99.  Full size sample!

Lust Have It... what are you trying to say? This is sort of a random sample to receive and I am not convinced that these sort of balms actually work.  However I will use this and will let you know how I go :)


3.  Ardell Self-Adhesive (Selection)

Cost:  RRP per pair is $9.99.  Full size sample!

 I don't wear false lashes and it seems like a month full of them.  They are quite nice looking ones and I might give them as a gift to someone that will use them!

 4.  Designer Brands Nail Polish  - Shimmer 136

Cost:  RRP per 12ml is $6.99.  Full size sample!

This brand is a cheap, chemist brand and I don't really like seeing it in my beauty subscription boxes.  I don't use nail polish much as I've mentioned before and if I do I use natural colours... this one is going in the gift basket too!


5.  Aveda Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion

Cost:  RRP per 150ml is $79.95.  I got 7ml which is worth $3.73.

This is a tiny sample which I haven't used yet.  I like the fact they have put it in a little tube as it makes it SO much more easy to use unlike the dreaded sample packets.  Still I don't think this is enough of the product to see if you acutally like it.  Again, I will let you know how I go with this one :)

And those were the contents of my July 2014 Bella Box subscription!

Total Box Value = $55.65

And now here is the exciting bit!  If YOU would like $5.00 off your first month's Lust Have It Women's Beauty Box simple enter the code THINKAPRIL at the checkout and your first bag will only cost you $14.95!

This month 4 out of 5 of the samples were full sized however the box only valued $55.65.  I think this is my lowest value lust have it so far however every box has a down month.  I'm really looking forward to August's box as it is going to be their Birthday Box!

Are you subscribed to Lust Have It or any other beauty subscription services?  Let me know what you thought of this month's box!  Also if you see anything in this box that interests you let me know and I will do a separate, more in-depth review on it :)

*I was kindly supplied this box by Lust Have It for review, however all opinions are my own.

15 August 2014

Pinterest Friday 15/08/2014 - Home Decor Edition

This week I thought I'd do a home decor edition for Pinterest Friday!  I was going to do a living room edition but I am struggling to find pins that capture what I actually want it my house... which is ridiculous considering I can always find something I like!  I am loving looking through shops at the moment at all the little bits & bobs I can put into my home (as you can probably tell from yesterday's post) and so here you go....

She Leaves a Little Sparkle Sign

Oh I love this sign and I love this saying... I really like the idea of a carefree girl dancing through life leaving a little sparkle wherever she goes...  I found this one on TheHouseOfBelonging's Etsy Shop so make sure you head there and check them out! I think if I ever have a daughter I'd like this sign in her bedroom, to remind her that if she chooses she can leave a trail of goodness and happiness behind her.

I love these curtains!  They are so simple yet look so great!  I love how chic they look... at the moment I really want to add more patterns to our home to add a bit more dimension and this would help a lot!

YELLOW GRAY Pillow SALE. Pillows.16x16 inch Pillow Covers.Cushion Covers.Printed Fabric Front and Back.zigzag.Housewares.Home Decor

Oh yellow & grey cushions how I love you...  these are so beautiful and right down my alley at the moment!  They are from ElemenOPillows' Etsy Shop so make sure you check them out too!  These would look awesome on a grey couch which is exactly what I want to get for our home!

That's it for this week.... you know those days where you don't feel like working or writing you just feel like sitting out in the sun?  Well today's that day.  Let me know what you having been pinning lately or some home decor pieces that are worth checking out!  Have a fantastic weekend and take care of yourselves!

14 August 2014

Wishlist: Kmart Home Decor

I was hoping to get up two posts today (a Lust-Have-It and a Bella Box opening) but it just hasn't happened.  So to keep with the roll I'm on at the moment I decided to post one of my favourite type of posts to write... a WISHLIST!  I've been obsessed with the home decor at Target and Kmart at the moment because it's just nice stuff but isn't nearly as expensive as other places.

(Moving from left to right, top to bottom)
  1. Homemaker Inca Style Printed Cushion  -  $10.00
  2. Homemaker 'Home' Print Cushion - Black & Beige  -  $10.00 
  3. All You Need Print Cushion  -  $10.00
  4. Artificial Tulips in Vase  -  $15.00
  5. Rectangle Bevelled Edge Mirror  -  $29.00
  6. Wire Bird  -  $4.00
  7. Wooden Heart Sculpture  -  $7.00
  8. Homemaker Fahri Print Quilt Cover Set - Queen  -  $22.00

My husband and I are looking at couches at the moment so cushions are on my mind.  Up until now we have had brown couches but one of them is on its' last legs... literally!  We broke one of the legs and it's ... wait for it... hanging by a thread!!  Oh hahaha... :|  We are looking into getting some grey couches and I would love to have a grey, white and yellow colour scheme but are only problem is that we have a bright green feature wall and a whole lot of green cushions so we'll see..  I feel like I could do orange and grey or blue and grey and not look too out there compared to the green but I don't think yellow would go.  The other things are just bits and bobs I liked... I really want a mirror for our second toilet and am always looking for nice, cheap doona covers!

 Have you seen anything at Kmart or Target recently that caught your eye?  Let me know!

13 August 2014

You're It! The TMI Tag

I always thought I'd be the blogger that would do all the tags but I seem to so about half of them and then get bored and they just sit in drafts for a few months before I delete them.  But when I saw this tag on Sarah's blog Diary of a Beauty Padawan I knew I wanted to do it.  I always find I only like some of the questions in tags, but I think this one is nearly all good :)

What are you wearing?
I'm in my work getup at the moment so I'm wearing:  white satin top which black checks tucked into a plain black, high-waist pencil skirt with black peep-toe high heels.

Ever been in love?
Yes :)  For the past 6 years!

Ever had a terrible breakup?
No, I married my first boyfriend... really!

How tall are you?
I am 166 centimetres which is ... *googles "166cms to feet"* ... about 5'5" if you're not in Australia :)

How much do you weigh?
It's a secret ;)

Any tattoos?
No!  I change my mind every 5 minutes so how would I ever decide something that would be on my body forever??

Any piercings?
Nope... wow I'm really boring :(

*googled "OTP"* ... haha I'm slowly learning that I'm too old for this internet speak!  Ummm is it bad that all the characters that I liked together ending up having one part dying? :(  I'll just say all the characters in friends!  Ross & Rachel 4EVA! <3 haha

Favourite show?
Friends!!!!!!!!!  Downton Abbey, Revenge, The Paradise, Better Homes & Gardens (granny alert!), The Block, Domestic Blitz...  I have sooo many.  But my favourite forever and always is Friends!!

Favourite bands?
I'm someone that likes all music so I find it really hard to pick a favourite!  I don't even have a favourite genre so how can I have a favourite band...  I love them all!

Something you miss?
I really miss my family and Melbourne in general.  There's something really comforting about being in the place you grew up in.  Everything seems simpler, you know where things are and you know how to do things.  Plus if you don't know anything your family are there to help you out.

Favourite song?
Bleurgh... favourite questions are so hard!  I hate picking because as soon as I do I think of another one!  At the moment I'm really loving Amnesia by 5 Seconds of Summer and Tighrope by Illy ft. Scarlett Stevens.

How old are you?

Zodiac sign?
Aquarius... because that tells SO much about me doesn't it... :|

Quality you look for in a partner?
When I met my husband the first thing that drew me to him is that he smiled at a baby... haha sounds strange but I thought he was some "class clown" type guy that made everyone laugh and had the confidence to match.  But when I saw him smile at the baby I was like CHECK husband material ;) haha.  To be honest I think if I was looking for a partner it would be someone that I have fun with that I can laugh and laugh and laugh with.  I'm lucky I got that :)

Favourite quote?
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain! 
Proverbs 15:1  A soft answer turns away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.

Favourite actor?
Jennifer Lawrence... I also like Bruce Willis :)

Favourite colour?
Green :)  The colour of my car, grass and leaves!

Loud music or soft?
Loud.  Always loud!

Where do you go when you are sad?
I go to my bed.  It's my happy place.  If I'm out and about I like to go off by myself anywhere that I can and juts sit and think.  But if I'm home definitely my bed.
How long does it take you to shower?
I'm actually really quick!  I can proudly say that I beat my husband even when I have long hair to wash and legs to shave!
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
I'm not a morning person... I will stay in bed as long as possible.  Which means once I'm up I have to be super quick!  I generally get ready in 20 minutes (I shower at night) and have to sprint to the bus stop every morning because I've stayed in bed 30 minutes longer than I should've.

Ever been in a physical fight?
No...  because I know I wouldn't win!

Turn on?
The lights!  Haha lame I know but seriously ... none of your business ;)

Turn off?
Arrogance, cockyness, etc... pretty much every girl's list so WHY don't guys get with the program? :)

The reason I started blogging?
I have wanted to blog ever since watching The Perfect Man at the movies (which I just realised was 9 years ago!!)  I wanted to create a blog with reviews of things I was getting sent to tell the truth and Thinking About April kicked forward from there.  I also wanted a little slice of the internet for ME!  Plus my slight obsession for Youtube didn't help at all :)

I am terrified of dead things.  Something which wikipedia tells me is called Necrophobia.  Whenever I see a dead thing I get this overwhelming sense of dread and my heart starts beating at 100 miles an hour!  I once saw a dead mouse while I was running and I ran faster than I had ever run in my life to get away from it.  This fear goes as far dead insects and even just a flies' wing will make me run away.  It's so weird!
I am also terrified of the dark... well not so much of the dark itself but what the darkness holds.  I have a WAY too big imagination and it brings out the worst in the dark.
Last thing that made you cry?
My stupid hormones... I am the most emotional person!

Last time you said you loved someone?
Sometime today speaking to the husband :)

Meaning behind your blog name?
Originally I was called "Thinking About" and I was going to have each post leading on from that.  So like Thinking About "airports", "moisturisers", etc...  But then I no longer wanted to write posts that fit with that so I changed to Thinking About April which I like!

Last book you read?
... ...
The book you are currently reading?
None at the moment... I need to start one!
Last show you watched?
Friends, we're watching them (AGAIN) starting at season 1 every night before we go to bed.

Last person you talked to?
Someone at work

The relationship between you and the last person you texted?
Amy -- she's my best friend! We're exactly the same, except complete opposites. The only way to understand it is to meet us both together.

Favourite food?
Too many amazing foods to narrow it down to one... Potatoes, Beetroot, Toffee Apples, etc...

Place you want to visit?
I'd like to visit Greece... I have friends that went there recently and it looks INCREDIBLE! I've never been anywhere with "culture" like that so I'd love to go... someday!

Last place you were?
Currently at work, last place is home I guess??

Do you have a crush?
Married to him

Last time you kissed someone?
This morning :)

The last time you were insulted?
No idea thankfully!

Favourite flavour of sweets?
"Sweets" or lollies as we call them aren't my favourite... I love chocolate!

What instruments do you play?
Recorder, Piano & Trumpet... all terribly unfortunately!

Favourite piece of jewellery?
My wedding rings... they are my only piece of jewellery that I really wear at the moment.

Last sport you played?

I walked up Mt Lofty?

Last song you sang?
No idea!  How do people remember these things?

Favourite chat up line?
Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

Have you ever used it?

Oh yeah... all the time! ;)

Last time you hung out with someone?

The weekend probably :)

Who should answer the questions next?
Anyone that wants to!  Make sure you let me know if you do though so I can check them out!

12 August 2014

How to recover from a long walk

On the weekend I did the Waterfall Gully to Mt Lofty Summit hike with a few people I know.  For those of you who don't live in Adelaide or don't know what it is here is some info about it.  That's right it's 7.8 kilometres (4.85 miles) of what is classified as a "hard" walk.  It's funny because if I'd read that info before I started walking I probably would've just stayed at the bottom and had a coffee.  But I'm so glad I did it!

However now I want to do it again.  I'm the type of person that doesn't like exercise but once I get started I just want to run further, walk faster and go the extra km.  It's really strange but it's like I can't stop once I've started because I want to reach the extra milestone.  I don't know whether any of you are like that... or whether it's just me being a weirdo!  For a few days I was in agony because though I walk 3 - 6 kms a day (brag brag lol) I never walk up hills!  My area is flat as flat and a lot of muscles in my legs never get used.... but boy did they get used on Saturday!

So what's the point of all this blatant bragging you are asking?  Well I found the PERFECT way to recover!

Displaying IMG_20140805_075633.JPG

A bath with a lush bath ballistic, reading a magazine of choice and wearing a face mask.  Pretty much perfect way to recover from a hard walk and aching muscles.  The bath bomb of choice for me was the Lord of Misrule bath bomb and being the old granny that I am I chose to read Better Homes & Gardens magazine which yes I am subscribed too.  I decided to wash my face and then apply to Kora face mask that I got in my June Bella Box.  Then after my bath I washed it off and applied night cream.

What do you do to recover from a hard walk where your muscles are aching and you feel like you're 90 years old?  Any excuse for a pamper night works for me! :)

11 August 2014

Review: Physicians Formula Mineral Glow Pearls Blush

 I had always wanted to try the brand Physicians Formula and so when I came across the stand in my local Priceline I knew I had to get something.  I have never been overly into blush as I naturally have quite red cheeks so I decided to pick up one of their Mineral Glow Pearls Blushers in Natural Pearl. They retail for $21.95a pop so aren't the cheapest blush here in Australia.

When you flip up the blush you get a mirror and a little brush.  This makes it a good product to take on the go.  I have never used the little brush so can't comment on, it just looks like your normal brush that comes free with blushes.

This blush is highly pigmented and so only a touch is needed.  I really enjoy this blush when I'm wearing a full face of makeup (foundation, primer, etc) because it really adds something extra.  When I'm only wearing BB cream I usually will use something a bit more natural as this is quite bright.

I really like the packaging and the pigmentation of this blush however for me it's not an everyday colour.  It is quite expensive though the colour payoff in a way makes it worth the money.  Let me know if you've tried this blush and what you thought!  Or if you have any other Physicians Formula products I need to try :)