7 August 2014

22 before 22

I read a post on Lipgloss & Lashes this morning about 21 things she wanted to do before she was 21 and inspired me to write my own.  I am already 21 so I thought I'd do 22 things I want to do before I'm 22...  that makes me sing Taylor Swift's song :)  My birthday is the 1st of February so I have 6 months to get sorted!

1.  Get 100 followers on this blog and 50 followers on my Cooking Blog.
This may be very ambitious as I currently only have 30 followers on Thinking About April & 13 followers on Learning to Cook.  But hey they say to reach for the stars! :)

BTW If you're not following me on Bloglovin you should!  Click here to follow this blog or here to follow my cooking blog.

2.  Achieve my goal weight.
I am going to America for a month at the start of next year and really want to be fit for it because on holidays I always do heaps of walking.  In 2013 I lost 10 kilos (22 pounds) and I have really lacked motivation ever since.  I haven't gained the weight back but I haven't lost anymore.  I need to get back to my healthy meal plan!

3.  Become more organised week-to-week.
Recently I've felt like all my weeks are merging into one and I don't know what I'm doing from one week to the next.  And I hate it!  I really want to start using the little diary I bought more so I can plan future weeks but also be more organised every day and actually get daily tasks done that need doing.

4.  Become a calmer & happier person.
I am someone that gets stressed really easy but I need to remember to not sweat the small stuff and stop getting so stressed.  I think the above point will help with this one...  I like being organised but am not naturally which creates stressed me! :(

5.  Start talking to people I don't know.
I someone that everyone thinks is really out there but really I would be perfectly happy to stay home by myself and never meet new people.  Ever since I moved to Adelaide I haven't put myself out there as much as I should've and because I'm actually really shy I make excuses.  So in the next 6 months I want to put myself out there and speak to people.  I need to remember that you have to be a friend to make a friend! ;)  Wow I'm popping out the cliches today!

6.  Buy a "big girl's camera".
To date I am using a little camera that my husband & I bought when we went to Canada & America in 2012.  I really want to get a "big girl's camera" so that the photos I take are good quality.  I don't think we'll be going on another big trip like this one for quite a while so I want to be able to take nice photos to remember it.  I also want a better camera to take pictures for this baby :)

7.  Own something from M.A.C.
This is something that won't happen before I go to America simply because of the price difference.  For a lipstick along in Australia it's $36 compared to $15 in the US.  Can't wait to shop til I drop!

8.  Redo our main bedroom.
Our main bedroom is a bit boring at the moment and doesn't seem complete.  I want a new doona cover, to paint a feature wall, to put up a canvas and to redo our wardrobe.  Haha just a small one ;)

9.  Go on a long holiday.
I have never been on a holiday for more than about 2 weeks and now we've got a 4 week holiday planned!  I can't wait!!  This is one I know I can tick off but a goal nonetheless.

10.  Redo my rabbits hutch.
Haha you all are probably going "what?!" but this is a really big one to me.  We currently have an area roped off which chicken wire with hutches inside and it's just gotten really yuck.  I want to redo it and maybe by making it one of my "22 aims" I will actually get it done.

11.  Have an organised pantry.
I don't have a typical pantry so I have to use cupboards which makes it a lot harder to organise than a normal walk in pantry.  I want to buy several containers that are all the same size & shape and have everything named and organised.  One day soon hopefully :)

12.  Own a Michael Kors Watch.
This is something I have pinned on Pinterest - a rose gold chunky Michael Kors watch... lovely!  This is another one I hope to buy in America - maybe as a birthday present.  This one is something I am not overly fussed if I don't get only because tastes change and mine may.  But right now I'd love one!

13. Get my two blogs organised!
If you are a regular on my blog you'll know that I really struggle with this one.  Some weeks/months I write plenty of posts and then others I'm on-and-off.  In the next 6 months I want to plan ahead with the posts I write and write on both blogs more.  I really enjoy writing posts but I want to get organised and write things you guys want to read and that I enjoy writing :)  ... as you can see organisation features regularly in my aims! ;)

14.  Cut my hair.
Haha I can't believe I have to write this in here but I do.  Approximately 2 years ago I cut my hair to a chin-length bob thinking I needed the change.  And from the moment I cut it I was growing it back... and I have never stopped.  I haven't cut my hair for 2 years and it badly needs something down to it.  I'm not wanting anything crazy just some layers around my face and in general some dimension.  You'd think this was an easy thing to tick off but it hasn't been - just try and pin me down to book and commit to an appointment... impossible!

15.  Be able to run 10km without stopping.
I really want to be able to run for a long distance with stopping.  I love running however am not the fittest person at the moment.  I can currently run about 3km really slow without stopping - not sure if I can run further but that's how far it is around my block.  Let's see how we go with this one :)

16.  Learn some new songs on the Piano
I learnt the piano for a long time when I was younger but never really had a whole lot of talent.  Yes I never tried that hard but I also don't think I'm one of those fabulous, natural piano players.  Recently my hubby & I bought a piano off some friends of ours and it's gotten me back into playing.  But I really want to buy some new books and learn new songs. ♫ ♫ ♫

17.  Entertain more on a fortnightly basic.
I really want to start having people over for tea more often.  We have a list as long as my legs of people we want to have over but rarely do.  We get paid fortnightly and so I want to try to have entertain once a fortnight though obviously this may not always be possible.

18.  Reach my aim for our mortgage.
 I want mention any figures as I think it's a bit tacky to talk about money but I have an aim that I want paid off the mortgage by the end of the year so I would really like to have reached that by my birthday!

19.  Think of others before myself more.
When people get sick I want to send them cards, when people lose someone close I want to be there and when people are upset I want to take care of them.  It seems easy but my own life always gets in the way and I think of myself.

20.  Get over to Melbourne more.
My family and friends are in Melbourne however I haven't been over much at all this year so far.  I want to start trying to get over there at least every 2 - 3 months because I miss my family and friends like crazy!  I have been so homesick lately but seem to shut people out and not think about them as my coping mechanism.

21.  Get a hobby.
I don't really have that many interests unfortunately and I really want something that I can work on.  I'm not very crafty but would love to start doing some DIY's or scrapbooking.  I would really love to do a wedding album for us as it's been 2 & a 1/2 years since our wedding.

22.  Become more spontaneous.
Wake up on Saturday and go on a long bike ride, get home and go out to tea to the beach, etc... I want to start living a little and not settling down too much.  I am so young yet would be perfectly happy with a life of routine of sleep, work, eat, repeat.  Especially in this coming Summer I want to be happy to just go to the beach or delay dinner for an hour to go on a stroll (haha grandma word alert!).

Wowwee!!  This was such a hard post to complete!!  22 things is a lot of aims to do so we will see how I go with them.  If you write your own post let me know because I love reading through people's posts as they give me even more ideas of what I want to achieve!

I've been in a bit of a rut recently as far as my blog is concerned.  It's hard to take photos when you have no natural light because either the flash washes them out or it's too dark.  But I really need to get back into enjoying blogging and not just doing it because I feel as if I should.  I currently have about 8 posts in my drafts that are 10% away from being ready to go up so I need to start biting the bullet and finishing them.  Let me know if you guys have ever been in this sort of rut and how you go out of it! :)

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