18 August 2014

July 2014 Lust Have It Women's Box

The Lust Have It Women's Beauty Box subscription costs $19.95 per month* and contain 5 - 6 deluxe beauty items.  The subscription is delivered for free to your door and regularly contains approximately $60.00 worth of products!  July's Lust Have It Women's box came with a different bag and it's definitely my favourite so far!  I already get the most use out of this bag and it also feels the best quality.

So here is what I got in my bag...


1.  Marsk Mineral Eye-Shadow - Rich List
Cost:  RRP per 1.2gr is $24.95.  Full size sample!

 When I first opened this sample I was a bit scared off by what looked like a yellow eyeshadow.  It looked like something that would never work.  However when I applied it to my lid (by pressing it in with a flat brush) I found it actually quite subtle and pretty.  Be careful with this one though as too much of it can look a bit strange... practice makes perfect though :)

2.  Ultra Firming Body Balm

Cost:  RRP per 150ml is $9.99.  Full size sample!

Lust Have It... what are you trying to say? This is sort of a random sample to receive and I am not convinced that these sort of balms actually work.  However I will use this and will let you know how I go :)


3.  Ardell Self-Adhesive (Selection)

Cost:  RRP per pair is $9.99.  Full size sample!

 I don't wear false lashes and it seems like a month full of them.  They are quite nice looking ones and I might give them as a gift to someone that will use them!

 4.  Designer Brands Nail Polish  - Shimmer 136

Cost:  RRP per 12ml is $6.99.  Full size sample!

This brand is a cheap, chemist brand and I don't really like seeing it in my beauty subscription boxes.  I don't use nail polish much as I've mentioned before and if I do I use natural colours... this one is going in the gift basket too!


5.  Aveda Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion

Cost:  RRP per 150ml is $79.95.  I got 7ml which is worth $3.73.

This is a tiny sample which I haven't used yet.  I like the fact they have put it in a little tube as it makes it SO much more easy to use unlike the dreaded sample packets.  Still I don't think this is enough of the product to see if you acutally like it.  Again, I will let you know how I go with this one :)

And those were the contents of my July 2014 Bella Box subscription!

Total Box Value = $55.65

And now here is the exciting bit!  If YOU would like $5.00 off your first month's Lust Have It Women's Beauty Box simple enter the code THINKAPRIL at the checkout and your first bag will only cost you $14.95!

This month 4 out of 5 of the samples were full sized however the box only valued $55.65.  I think this is my lowest value lust have it so far however every box has a down month.  I'm really looking forward to August's box as it is going to be their Birthday Box!

Are you subscribed to Lust Have It or any other beauty subscription services?  Let me know what you thought of this month's box!  Also if you see anything in this box that interests you let me know and I will do a separate, more in-depth review on it :)

*I was kindly supplied this box by Lust Have It for review, however all opinions are my own.

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