27 November 2013

Good&Bad of the week so far 27/11/2013

It's once again hump day WOOT WOOT nearly to the weekend...  Enjoy :)

"The BAD"

I feel so sick :( Boo! My head hurts and I can't think properly.  I have a sore throat and feel exhausted.  Pretty much all I want to do is lie on my couch under a comfy doona and watch old re-runs of Bewitched.

 But I can't because unfortunately I have to work.  I am really bad at taking sick days as I always feel so guilty. So here I am trying to think... and failing.

Luckily for me looking at that picture of the puppy has made me start to feel a tad better.  Ain't it cute?!

"The GOOD"

I am going to try and make these posts have more good than bad so there will be a few things most weeks :)

I just had a lovely weekend with my parents which was really nice.  I got to show Mum around Adelaide a bit more and do the tourist thing which was cool.  My dad was busy most of the time with meetings but we still got to go out for some meals.  My mum bought me this nightie from the Bras N Things outlet store:
picture taken from their website
It was on special for $10 down from $40 (from memory) which was quite a bargain.  We did a lot of shopping but didn't really buy anything which was quite a shocker ;)
 Last night I caught up with my best friend which was lovely.  Then when I got home around 8:15pm I found that I had a beautiful clean house again.  I'm so lucky to have such a kind husband who knew I was sick and helped me out.  He'd had a busy day working in the hot sun but still bothered to help me so THANK YOU DARLING! :)

 It is only 28 days until Christmas and I am getting so excited!  I have put a ban on myself going on a shopping spree until I get to Melbourne on Christmas Eve.  It has been so hard especially as I have vouchers to spend.  But I believe in myself and come Boxing Day this will be me:
Taken from 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' - a must see movie!

I love Christmas time!  Everyone is happy and you get to see family that you might not see during the year.  I also get 2 weeks off for Christmas which is a nice little bonus.

Writing these sorts of posts are quite therapeutic really.  They make you think about what's bad and good in your life and sort of show that there is so much more good than bad.
How are your weeks going?  Only 2 more days until the weekend so chin up and keep smiling!