22 November 2013

Friday Fun 22/11/2013

I can hear what you are thinking... what are you doing April?  Why are there two posts in one day?!  Well I was so excited to get my review for Nivea's Irresistibly Smooth Body Souffle that I decided to put it up as well.  I might do two every now and again on Wednesdays or Fridays considering I do weekly posts on those days... We'll see :)

Anyhoo back into the FRIDAY FUN Post...

I love this quote and the fact it is from Whinnie the Pooh makes it that much better.  I loved Whinnie the Pooh when I was little... who am kidding, I still love it!  My parents used to call me Tigger because I jumped around a lot and was super bouncy.

As a race we always think the worst about ourselves, whether it be that we're not pretty or cool or smart enough.  But this quote reminds us that we are good enough and that maybe we need to see what the people around us see when they look at us.  Don't forget this because it is so true!

... And because I am ever so generous you can have another cute quote  :)  I love this one too because it is so true and beautiful!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and take care!

Until next week...

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