18 November 2013

Household Organisation

It's Monday morning and I am wiped!  "But it you've just had two days off work" I can hear you say... and yes that is true however those two days were jam-packed.  I had a fun weekend; but it was a very busy one!  My parents are coming over this weekend and so I have started thinking about the fact that my house looks like a tip and I really need to clean it up.  However unfortunately the week is not slowing down at all.  I am out tonight, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday and they arrive Saturday morning.

To say I am stressed is an understatement.  I am someone who likes schedule and things in order.  I hate the fact that I always have to clean last minute because it hasn't been done in small steps.  I am being slightly unfair on myself as I have gotten so much better since I first started running my own home.  However I am still not as tidy and organised as I would like.

Does anyone have any tips for Household Organisation??  I have seen some fantastic free printables online however I sort of think that maybe just writing down specific jobs for each day of the week is the way to go.  Let me know what has worked for you :)

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