24 June 2015

20 Weeks - Pregnancy Update

Today I am 20 weeks and 4 days pregnant!  Officially past half way and feeling great :)  As you can see these update posts won't be a weekly thing but I thought it might be nice to have them to look back on and to only write when there is actually something to say.

20 Week Scan
On Monday night we had our 20 week ultrasound.  The tech we had got all the pictures she needed except for the heart.  After jumping round the room, going on a 5 minute walk and then a 15 minute walk the baby still wouldn't flip over so we had to reschedule for the next day.  This made me slightly worried but we'd seen the heartbeat and the baby moving around on the screen so I wasn't too worried.  Then yesterday I went in again to get the final pictures.  The baby was in the same position so the tech still couldn't get all the pictures needed.  She sent me back to waiting room for 15 minutes, tried again, then asked me to go on a 30 minute walk and have a coffee or a coke (basically some caffeine).  Well by this point I'd been there over 2 hours and was getting upset.  My husband had come to the Monday scan but was working so couldn't come to the Tuesday.  I spent the 30 minute walk on the verge of tears.  Thankfully when I got back the baby had moved (THANK YOU CAFFEINE) and she got the pictures needed straight away.

I hadn't felt an awful lot of movement before, just some flutters occasionally that I really wasn't sure where anything at all.  At the ultrasound I found out I had an Anterior Placenta which means it's at the front.  This made me feel a lot better to know there was a reason I wasn't feeling much yet.  Yesterday in the scan however I could feel kicks, and the coolest thing is that you see baby move just after you feel it.  This morning I had a whole lot of kicks just below my ribs and I could actually feel them outside my tummy!!  This is just such a miracle to me and I'm going to enjoy them while I can :)

Last weekend I started really noticing a more defined bump even in the mornings.  I'm pretty wearing maternity clothes now just because they're more comfortable and I don't need to worry about my tummy poking out.  It's so nice actually looking pregnant finally though people still say I have a small bump.  That doesn't really worry me too much anymore now I know bubs is fine but it did for a while.

I have been copying with my stress a bit better.  Haven't felt so out of control like I have been recently.  Still feel like I'm going to cry any time I see anything cute/sad/happy/beautiful, etc...  It's a bit embarrassing but not the worst thing in the world.

My husband told me I wasn't allowed to start out baby's room until we'd had the 20 week ultrasound.  Well that's past now and I am so excited, though slightly overwhelmed, about getting started!  We've already got a nursing chair which we bought off my friend which is a lovely black leather one that is sooo comfy.  We also have a big white wardrobe that we'll keep in there but everything else will be new/second hand but new to us :)

So that is my 20 week pregnancy update! Let me know if you have questions about my experiences so far and I'd love to answer them!

4 June 2015

17 Weeks - Pregnancy Update

As of today I am 17 weeks, 5  days pregnant and I can't believe I'm actually writing that finally!  I don't plan on writing a lot of these weekly update posts (though who knows, sometimes I surprise myself) but I felt like writing one today.  I don't really have a structure, just thought I'd document a few things that have been happening.

Party Carrots ~ Plastic silverware never looked so cute! Roll your napkin and tie off with two different green colored pipe cleaners
Things that have happened this week...

Today & yesterday I've really noticed myself starting to get more of a bump which is very exciting.  That was something I really was looking forward to because until you have a bump it's all a bit surreal.  But now I can feel my tummy getting harder and rounder and it feels pretty great.

I felt a few things that I've thought to myself could possibly be a movement but being my first baby I'm not too sure.

I haven't been sick for a while now which is amazing and I completely have my appetite back.  I still haven't really gained any weight though I was sick a bit at the beginning so didn't really expect to.

Every now and again I'm a bit emotional... the other day I was home alone watching TV and I bawled my eyes out because there was a bird on TV... that's right... I cried because of a bird.  Now I love animals but generally don't cry when I see them.  I also have been cranky every now and again but can control that pretty well... I hope :)

 Pregnancy Ecard Truth

No idea if this is due to the pregnancy but this past week I have been extremely stressed.  I felt like I had a to do list a mile long but when I sat down to write my to do list out I couldn't think of anything.  One main thing I was stressed about was telling my work about my pregnancy and since I did that on Tuesday I have felt so much better.  I also booked all my antenatal classes at the hospital, my next ultrasound and my next midwife appointment and now I feel super organised.  I'm starting to think the only way I'm going to maintain my sanity is to morph into Miss Organised so we'll see what happens :)

We have been given so much already which has thoroughly surprised me!  I never realised how happy having a baby makes other people :)  Luckily having a few bits and bobs has made me realise that I don't need to go out and buy the entire baby section of Target though I must say I want to!!  I might do a post on baby wishlist items because there are so many nice things!!

Something I've been loving lately is reading old blogs of people that are/have been pregnant to see what they felt at this stage.  If any of you have any people you've enjoyed reading let me know!!