4 June 2015

17 Weeks - Pregnancy Update

As of today I am 17 weeks, 5  days pregnant and I can't believe I'm actually writing that finally!  I don't plan on writing a lot of these weekly update posts (though who knows, sometimes I surprise myself) but I felt like writing one today.  I don't really have a structure, just thought I'd document a few things that have been happening.

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Things that have happened this week...

Today & yesterday I've really noticed myself starting to get more of a bump which is very exciting.  That was something I really was looking forward to because until you have a bump it's all a bit surreal.  But now I can feel my tummy getting harder and rounder and it feels pretty great.

I felt a few things that I've thought to myself could possibly be a movement but being my first baby I'm not too sure.

I haven't been sick for a while now which is amazing and I completely have my appetite back.  I still haven't really gained any weight though I was sick a bit at the beginning so didn't really expect to.

Every now and again I'm a bit emotional... the other day I was home alone watching TV and I bawled my eyes out because there was a bird on TV... that's right... I cried because of a bird.  Now I love animals but generally don't cry when I see them.  I also have been cranky every now and again but can control that pretty well... I hope :)

 Pregnancy Ecard Truth

No idea if this is due to the pregnancy but this past week I have been extremely stressed.  I felt like I had a to do list a mile long but when I sat down to write my to do list out I couldn't think of anything.  One main thing I was stressed about was telling my work about my pregnancy and since I did that on Tuesday I have felt so much better.  I also booked all my antenatal classes at the hospital, my next ultrasound and my next midwife appointment and now I feel super organised.  I'm starting to think the only way I'm going to maintain my sanity is to morph into Miss Organised so we'll see what happens :)

We have been given so much already which has thoroughly surprised me!  I never realised how happy having a baby makes other people :)  Luckily having a few bits and bobs has made me realise that I don't need to go out and buy the entire baby section of Target though I must say I want to!!  I might do a post on baby wishlist items because there are so many nice things!!

Something I've been loving lately is reading old blogs of people that are/have been pregnant to see what they felt at this stage.  If any of you have any people you've enjoyed reading let me know!!

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