31 July 2014

Bella Box June 2014 Review

So me and beauty subscription boxes have been in a love hate relationship recently.  I wish I could be one of those bloggers that receive their box and can get a post up with a couple of days, but it's really hard at the moment.  When I get home it's already dark so it's hard to take nice pictures and I like spending time writing these posts.  Also we seem to receive the boxes later and later every month.  That said, excuses aside, I am terribly late this month and will try to get up my two July posts next week (haha I shouldn't make promises but I'll try)!

 The theme in June was Iconic Beauty which made us think of those iconic beauties from history like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.  We saw 3 sneak peaks and I was lucky enough to get two on them!

terrible pictures this month - I AM SORRY! :P

 So here is what I got in my June's Bella Box:

1.  Herbal Essences Naked Shine - Essential
Cost:  RRP per 300ml is $6.99.  I got 2 x 40ml which is worth $1.86.

I always love trying new shampoos and conditioner and love ones that come in bottles rather than stupid sachets - it means you can use them more than once much more easily.  These will do my hair for a few washes which I'm very happy about.  I haven't used them yet but might take them with me when I go away next.

2. Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr Hydrating Mask - Cult
Cost:  RRP per 100ml is $49.95. Full size Sample!

 Not only is this one a full size product it's also a big product.  I wouldn't pay $50 for this however am really looking forward to trying it!  I feel like we're seeing a lot of masks lately but I suppose being winter it's always a good thing!  I will let you know how this one goes!

3.  Mary Kay Mineral Eye Palette - Garden Sky - Colour
Cost:  RRP per 10g is $23.00.  Full size sample!
 I have very mixed feelings about this one.  1. I would NEVER pay $23 for this and 2. the colours are rather strange.  This does however have lovely pigmentation and feels very creamy and smooth to apply.  I might stick to the brown though, and leave the green and blue in the past!

4.  Lavanila Healthy Fragrance - Fragrance
Cost:  RRP per 50ml is $79.95.  I got a 1.2ml sample which is worth $1.92.
Some people would compare this type of sample with a sachet however I really like these kind of samples.  It allows you to test the fragrance over a few days which is all you really need to know you like it.  The fragrance isn't really me but I know a lot of people would like it.

5.  Grown Alchemist Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream - Luxe
Cost:  RRP per 65ml is $24.95.  I got a 20ml sample which is worth $7.68.
I love hand cream samples!  I won't buy this one again because it was nothing special and I would never pay $25 for a hand cream.  But I really like it and it's a nice thing to throw in your handbag.

And then the BONUS products...
(no pictures for these this time I'm afraid - the ones I took were terrible!)

BONUS InStyle Australia Magazine
Cost: $9.95
This is a great addition to the box this month!  I wish Bella Box did this more often!  InStyle is an expensive magazine but a lovely one to look through.

BONUS  Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Nourishing Masque
Cost:  RRP per 75ml is $39.00.  I got a 5ml sample which is worth $2.60.
Haven't tried this one yet (either!) and I probably will one day but it's a sachet and that doesn't really excite me :P
And those were the contents of my June 2014 Bella Box subscription!

Total Box Value = $96.96

Far out!  What a high value box!!  Definitely the highest value so far, helped along by the fact I got 3 full size products (including the magazine).  I liked this box but I didn't love any single things.  I want to keep trying these things out before I form solid opinions on them though.

Let me know what you got in your Bella Box for the month of June and also let me know if you'd like any individual reviews on any of the products I received!  I hope you're having a good week... nearly the weekend!!  WOOHOO!!



25 July 2014

Pinterest Friday 25/07/2014 - Beauty Edition

All day yesterday I had it in my mind that it was Friday and it wasn't it was Thursday.  I hate days like that when you think you're about to leave work for the weekend and you realise you have another day.  It's been happening a whole lot lately and it is SO annoying :)  So finally it is Friday and you all know what that means... It's finally #PinterestFriday ;)  My husband and I are going out to the soccer tonight and then a sleep in tomorrow!  Woohoo two in a row - crazy!  Then we are probably catching up with friends.  So a good weekend :)  I haven't been on Pinterest as often this week but when I've gone on it, I've stayed on it for quite a while!

I've really been loving hair and and all things beauty at the moment on Pinterest, so here we go with Pinterest Friday, the BEAUTY edition!  I might even do a few more than usual just as a treat ...  <3
Incorporate hair bows in each of the girls' hair! Depending on their hair, some big, and some small!
I think that this hairstyle is so so beautiful!  I know a lot of people might find it a bit tacky but I would love to be able to create something like this!  Unfortunately my hair skills are limited to none so I'd better stick to straightening my hair for now!  If anyone has seen any good tutorials for something like this I would love to read/watch them so let me know below!

Instagram media by kimberlymaranan - My fav "style" of mani using Revlon - Minted, China Glaze - Silver Lining, and Color Club - Platinum Record 💎

I never paint my nails, my husband hates coloured nails with a passion and I'm not very good at it anyway.  But I loved the design of these nails!  Once again something I probably couldn't achieve but something beautiful none-the-less!  This nail art was done by Kimberly Maranan whose instagram is @kimberlymaranan - what a talented girl!
  Supposedly makes your eyes pop regardless of the color! looks georgeous!
This next one is something I've been looking into a lot recently and this photo made me want to get them more.  It's a picture of a L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush - though I'm not overally picky on which shade I get.   These pictures are of the lovely Lauren Curtis who has a youtube account which is about all things beauty.  She is hilarious and very talented so make sure you check her out!  This eyeshadows just make your eyes POP so much and in such a simple but effective way!  I really want to try these bad boys out!!
This hairstyle ACTUALLY looks achievable!  It looks so fresh and youthful yet really sophisticated as well.  This would be a nice one for a summer wedding or even a day at the office.  You could do this without the braid though I think the braid really adds something extra.  Now I need to go home and learn how to practice braiding...  :)


I don't have very much "makeup storage" and at the moment most of my makeup is in draws.  I've been looking for a way to store lipsticks and found this one that allows me to use what I already have but still have a lipstick storage that is appealing to the eye.  Eventually I would like to get the stands specifically for lipsticks (as I have quite a few)!

 I might theme these posts every now and again because this was fun and usually it's quite an effort to try and get different pins.  Generally I go crazy for one category one week and another the next so it makes sense.  That will do for today but I hope you enjoyed your week and that you have an incredible weekend!  Let me know what you are pinning at the moment on Pinterest and whether you have any tips/tricks for me regarding the above pins :)


23 July 2014

June 2014 Lust Have It Women's Box

The Lust Have It Women's Beauty Box subscription costs $19.95 per month* and contain 5 - 6 deluxe beauty items.  The subscription is delivered for free to your door and regularly contains approximately $60.00 worth of products!  June's Lust Have It Women's Box brought the return of their new packaging, a makeup bag. The subscription came late again unfortunately however they have promised us that they have already started with shipping the July bag!  The bag was quite similar to last time so I am hoping they change it up this time.

 Every month you get a card with the products you have received and how much the full size is worth.

 1.  Teeez Trendy Cosmetics - Head Over Heels Nail-Lacquer
Cost:  RRP per 7ml is $18.  I got a full size sample!

This month members got the chance to choose a Teez product they wanted, either an eyeliner or a nail polish.  Because I receive my subscription to review I got a surprise :)  I got a nail polish in the colour Carmine Craze which is a beautiful shimmery burgundy colour.  I don't really paint my nails a whole lot and if I do I do a neutral colour.  But I painted my Mum's nails and she loved this polish!

2.  John Plunkett - Glyco Peel
Cost:  RRP per 15ml is $29.95.  I got a full size sample!

I haven't tried this baby yet... I know I know I'm behind :)  It's the type of product that's right down my alley though so I can't wait to try it.  Let me know if you want a review on this bad boy - gotta love the fact it's full sized too!

3.  La Roche Posay - Effaclar Duo
Cost:  RRP per 40ml is $27.95.  I got a 3ml sample which is worth $2.10.

 This was the first thing from the box I tried and I HATED it!  It dried me out within two uses of the product and over the next week different areas of my face slowly fell off (eww... sorry for the gross TMI).  This was the product I was looking forward but ended up really disappointed!  Still it would be a great sample for someone it did work on... just not for me unfortunately.

4.  Orly Nail File & Toe Separators
Cost:  RRP for Nail File is $1.65 & for Toe Separators is $4.95.  Both full size samples!

The big red stickers say it all on these products - FREE with every 2 ORLYmini polishes.  I may or may not use these... but they are a gift with purchase not really a full size sample.  That said the mini nail files are really cute!!

5.  Nuxe - Creme Nirvanesque
Cost:  RRP per 50ml is $49.99.  I got a 2ml sample which is worth $2.00.
and Creme Nirvanesque Eye Contour
Cost:  RRP per 15ml is $44.99.  I got a 15ml sample which is worth $6.00.

 Sample packets don't do it a whole lot for me...  that said I will use these creams, probably when I've had a bad day and feel like pampering myself.  Not much else to say about these.

BONUS - $30 Hello Fresh Gift Card

I was really excited about this gift card until I logged into their website and realised they only deliver to Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne.  So this is useless to half of Lust Have It users.  I almost think it would've been worth targeting this sample to only those in the areas that it can be used.  That's a lot of gift cards wasted!

That aside it's a great idea and I might give it to my Mum to see what it's like!  Wish I could use it... it would be a great post for my other blog.

And those were the contents of my June 2014 Lust Have It subscription!

Total Box Value = $64.65

(not including the $30 giftcard as I couldn't use it)

And now here is the exciting bit!  If YOU would like $5.00 off your first month's Lust Have It Women's Beauty Box simple enter the code THINKAPRIL at the checkout and your first bag will only cost you $14.95!!  WOOHOO - BARGAIN :)

Overall this hasn't been my favourite month of Lust Have It and so I look forward to seeing if they redeem themselves with July's bag.  It's the first month that I've been a bit iffy about the bag so hopefully they pick up on their game!  I'm already excited about the sneak peek they've given - everyone gets a mineral eyeshadow in their box, something I've never tried!

Are you subscribed to Lust Have It?  What did you get in your bag?  Let me know if you have any tips of using the products included!

*I was kindly supplied this box by Lust Have It for review, however all opinions are my own.

21 July 2014

Heart Broken

Recently during the world cup I started watching a TV show called The Paradise because my husband was OBSESSED with the soccer!  And pretty soon I became obsessed with this show!  There is nothing better than discovering a show when there it's been out for a while because then you don't have to wait for the next week for another episode.  And because I liked the show so much I decided to look it up on Facebook and like the page, etc.  And that is when I found out that it stopped after season two.

Heart. Broken.  :( 

 There are 8 episodes in both seasons and they go for about an hour long.  I've got 5 episodes to go and I'm savoring every moment.  Haha I'm acting like this show has changed my life... it hasn't... I'm being very melodramatic.  However I really like this show and its' characters.  Not sure if it would be for everyone but it's definitely for me!

"An intoxicating love story set in England's first department store in the 1870s"  - yup, right down my alley!  I just love the love story and the intrigue!

Let me know if you've watched this show and if you liked it too!  Or if you have any suggestions on shows I could watch.. hopefully ones that have a few seasons to catch up on because that's more fun! :)

18 July 2014

Pinterest Friday 18/07/2014

Woop Woop it's Pinterest Friday!  Haha how lame...  I love these posts because I get to share with you lovely people the things that I love!  Wow I don't know how I did without Pinterest - I love it!!  It is full of beautiful things to look at and wonderful things to dream about making or doing!  So hope you enjoy the things that I have been loving this week!


I love this watch!  Strangely I love the colour and chunky-ness of this watch where a few years ago I wouldn't of looked at it twice.  This sort of watch is really on-trend at the moment and I am loving it!  Hint hint husband! ;) haha

Barbecued corn and chorizo salad

I LOVE this salad...  I made this again recently and have been craving it ever since.  I blogged about this salad on my other blog (haha shameless plug) and you can get the recipe here.  This salad it lovely served warm and great as leftovers!!
Milo Banana Bread - looks interesting
I always love new recipes and the thought of mixing Australia's most loved chocolatey drink with banana delights me!  I have tried this recipe yet but can't wait to!  Nom nom nom
Love harry potter 
And last but not least is HILARIOUS!  I haven't got much to say about this apart from LOL! :)  It speaks for itself I think!

As always let me know what you've been pinning, I'd love to check them out!!  Hope you all have a lovely weekend... I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow! It's so freezing here in Adelaide in the mornings and has been so hard to get up!  My deliciously warm bed is already calling my name! ;)

16 July 2014

Mini Swisspers/Rimmel Haul

A little while ago I bought a few things and I thought I'd share them with you... :)

1.  Swisspers Make-Up Pads - 80 pack
Before these I was using $2 for 200 makeup pads that fell apart so these were a welcome relief.  As the packet says these are strong but still very soft.  I use these with my Garnier Micellar Water to wash off my eye makeup and they work just fine :)

2.  Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick - Fancy
I bought this lipstick because of how much I enjoyed my Notting Hill Nude one (read review here).  However I didn't enjoy this colour at all.  I'll write a separate review on that one at a later date.

3.  Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil - Brown
As you may have noticed I have recently become enjoying doing my eyebrows and I am continually searching for the perfect way of doing them/the perfect colour for them.  I like the colour and I like how the pencil is quite hard so the strokes look quite natural.  The little brushy on the end is actually quite useful too to tone down the look.

4.  Swisspers Naturals Cucumber Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes - 4 packs of 5 wipes
 These are probably cheaper to buy in a bigger pack but they were on special at Woolworths (as was everything else) so I got them like this.  I like being able to chuck a mini pack into my handbag for on the go!

And that was all the things I got in my mini Swisspers & Rimmel haul!  Let me know if you enjoy this kind of post and I will make sure to do more like it!  ... any excuse to go shopping ;)

11 July 2014

Pinterest Friday 11/07/2014

So I thought I'd make Friday my Pinterest Day!  Woohoo haha that sounds so exciting :)  Where I'll post about a  few gems that I've found on Pinterest that week.  I thought Friday would be the best day to do them because on Friday's I can never be bothered doing reviews or in-depth "thinking" posts however this I find fun!

love this look w/brown boots, jeans  baggy top/jumper

I started a new fashion board on Pinterest and so have started pinning outfit inspiration.  Sometihng I've been loving for a long time is long brown boots, jeans and a baggy jumper/shirt.  I love outfits that you know you can just through together, that are comfy but look fantastic too!

Lipstick Dupe!  Mac: please me, Rimmel London:101 - This is one of the lipsticks that Rosie Huntington-Whitely's makeup artist said were as good as Tom Ford's!
I love a good dupe and though I haven't tried either of these lipsticks I really want to!  This one is Mac's Please Me and Rimmel London's 101.  Let me know if you guys know any drugstore dupes because I love anything that saves me a bit of moolah!
Good weekly schedule
A bit of a boring one to end it with this week - but it is exciting for me! Haha.  This was originally taken from here and I love the idea of it.  I'm constantly searching for ways to make tidying my house easier and quicker.  Not only that I've always wanted a way to make sure I don't not do certain tasks.  This one looked pretty good so I pinned away :)

That's all for this week..  as always let me know what you've been pinning lately!  Have a fantastic weekend!

9 July 2014

Review: Face of Australia Lipsticks

 A little while ago Priceline had one of it's amazing 40% off sales and I picked up two lipsticks from the brand Face of Australia.  I always liked the look of this brand as it sells good quality products for a reasonable price and is also an Australian brand (though the name probably gave that away lol).

These Lip Quench Moisturising Lipsticks retail for $9.45 however I got them for $5.67 each which is a steal!  They contain SPF30+ are are also 'enriched with natural moisturisers and emollients including Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E & Shea Butter'.  These lipsticks glide onto the lips extremely smoothly and have good staying power despite the moisturising quality which often doesn't produce long-lasting colour.

The packaging is a classic matte black case with silver bullet.  I like the way the top is see through so you can easily store these lipsticks, still being able to see which one is which.  The sticker on the bottom contains the name & also is coloured to reflect the lipstick colour itself which is a nice touch.  I know they say 'never judge a book by its cover' but I was immediately drawn to this brand solely because of the classy packaging!

The two colours that I chose were Peaches & Cream (704) and Pink Champagne (624).  Peaches & Cream is the more natural of the two, a nice deep pink, whereas Pink Champagne is a lighter, frosty pink.

Swatches:  Peaches & Cream, Pink Champagne

Overall I really enjoyed trying Face of Australia's lipsticks and will definitely be trying more shades in the future!  At the moment Priceline has a 20% promotion so head instore or click here to buy online as they are down to $7.56!  What a steal!

Have you guys tried any Face of Australia lipsticks or anything else from the brand?  Let me know what I should try next!