11 July 2014

Pinterest Friday 11/07/2014

So I thought I'd make Friday my Pinterest Day!  Woohoo haha that sounds so exciting :)  Where I'll post about a  few gems that I've found on Pinterest that week.  I thought Friday would be the best day to do them because on Friday's I can never be bothered doing reviews or in-depth "thinking" posts however this I find fun!

love this look w/brown boots, jeans  baggy top/jumper

I started a new fashion board on Pinterest and so have started pinning outfit inspiration.  Sometihng I've been loving for a long time is long brown boots, jeans and a baggy jumper/shirt.  I love outfits that you know you can just through together, that are comfy but look fantastic too!

Lipstick Dupe!  Mac: please me, Rimmel London:101 - This is one of the lipsticks that Rosie Huntington-Whitely's makeup artist said were as good as Tom Ford's!
I love a good dupe and though I haven't tried either of these lipsticks I really want to!  This one is Mac's Please Me and Rimmel London's 101.  Let me know if you guys know any drugstore dupes because I love anything that saves me a bit of moolah!
Good weekly schedule
A bit of a boring one to end it with this week - but it is exciting for me! Haha.  This was originally taken from here and I love the idea of it.  I'm constantly searching for ways to make tidying my house easier and quicker.  Not only that I've always wanted a way to make sure I don't not do certain tasks.  This one looked pretty good so I pinned away :)

That's all for this week..  as always let me know what you've been pinning lately!  Have a fantastic weekend!

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