25 July 2014

Pinterest Friday 25/07/2014 - Beauty Edition

All day yesterday I had it in my mind that it was Friday and it wasn't it was Thursday.  I hate days like that when you think you're about to leave work for the weekend and you realise you have another day.  It's been happening a whole lot lately and it is SO annoying :)  So finally it is Friday and you all know what that means... It's finally #PinterestFriday ;)  My husband and I are going out to the soccer tonight and then a sleep in tomorrow!  Woohoo two in a row - crazy!  Then we are probably catching up with friends.  So a good weekend :)  I haven't been on Pinterest as often this week but when I've gone on it, I've stayed on it for quite a while!

I've really been loving hair and and all things beauty at the moment on Pinterest, so here we go with Pinterest Friday, the BEAUTY edition!  I might even do a few more than usual just as a treat ...  <3
Incorporate hair bows in each of the girls' hair! Depending on their hair, some big, and some small!
I think that this hairstyle is so so beautiful!  I know a lot of people might find it a bit tacky but I would love to be able to create something like this!  Unfortunately my hair skills are limited to none so I'd better stick to straightening my hair for now!  If anyone has seen any good tutorials for something like this I would love to read/watch them so let me know below!

Instagram media by kimberlymaranan - My fav "style" of mani using Revlon - Minted, China Glaze - Silver Lining, and Color Club - Platinum Record 💎

I never paint my nails, my husband hates coloured nails with a passion and I'm not very good at it anyway.  But I loved the design of these nails!  Once again something I probably couldn't achieve but something beautiful none-the-less!  This nail art was done by Kimberly Maranan whose instagram is @kimberlymaranan - what a talented girl!
  Supposedly makes your eyes pop regardless of the color! looks georgeous!
This next one is something I've been looking into a lot recently and this photo made me want to get them more.  It's a picture of a L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush - though I'm not overally picky on which shade I get.   These pictures are of the lovely Lauren Curtis who has a youtube account which is about all things beauty.  She is hilarious and very talented so make sure you check her out!  This eyeshadows just make your eyes POP so much and in such a simple but effective way!  I really want to try these bad boys out!!
This hairstyle ACTUALLY looks achievable!  It looks so fresh and youthful yet really sophisticated as well.  This would be a nice one for a summer wedding or even a day at the office.  You could do this without the braid though I think the braid really adds something extra.  Now I need to go home and learn how to practice braiding...  :)


I don't have very much "makeup storage" and at the moment most of my makeup is in draws.  I've been looking for a way to store lipsticks and found this one that allows me to use what I already have but still have a lipstick storage that is appealing to the eye.  Eventually I would like to get the stands specifically for lipsticks (as I have quite a few)!

 I might theme these posts every now and again because this was fun and usually it's quite an effort to try and get different pins.  Generally I go crazy for one category one week and another the next so it makes sense.  That will do for today but I hope you enjoyed your week and that you have an incredible weekend!  Let me know what you are pinning at the moment on Pinterest and whether you have any tips/tricks for me regarding the above pins :)


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