18 July 2014

Pinterest Friday 18/07/2014

Woop Woop it's Pinterest Friday!  Haha how lame...  I love these posts because I get to share with you lovely people the things that I love!  Wow I don't know how I did without Pinterest - I love it!!  It is full of beautiful things to look at and wonderful things to dream about making or doing!  So hope you enjoy the things that I have been loving this week!


I love this watch!  Strangely I love the colour and chunky-ness of this watch where a few years ago I wouldn't of looked at it twice.  This sort of watch is really on-trend at the moment and I am loving it!  Hint hint husband! ;) haha

Barbecued corn and chorizo salad

I LOVE this salad...  I made this again recently and have been craving it ever since.  I blogged about this salad on my other blog (haha shameless plug) and you can get the recipe here.  This salad it lovely served warm and great as leftovers!!
Milo Banana Bread - looks interesting
I always love new recipes and the thought of mixing Australia's most loved chocolatey drink with banana delights me!  I have tried this recipe yet but can't wait to!  Nom nom nom
Love harry potter 
And last but not least is HILARIOUS!  I haven't got much to say about this apart from LOL! :)  It speaks for itself I think!

As always let me know what you've been pinning, I'd love to check them out!!  Hope you all have a lovely weekend... I can't wait to sleep in tomorrow! It's so freezing here in Adelaide in the mornings and has been so hard to get up!  My deliciously warm bed is already calling my name! ;)

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