4 July 2014

The joys of Pinterest

So I have recently been on Pinterest quite a bit lately and am really loving finding ways to make my home more beautiful, easy recipes to try & plenty more creative gems :)  I got on the band wagon a tad late as I think for a lot of people Pinterest has been and gone but I am obsessed!  I love the fact that you can pin things off almost every website and it is awesome having a place to keep all my random thoughts that I want to remember.  It's like google without all the unhelpful bits!  You can type anything you want into the search bar and it will come up with pictures, processes & helpful comments to get you your answer.  And I'm loving it!

The only problem is using Pinterest makes you create this ideal life which (let's be honest) you'll probably never attain to... and that is kind of depressing.  But the good thing is that once you pin things they will always be there for you when you get a little bit of motivation to fix something or make something.

A few gems I found this week are...

Red hair, hand-me-down sail, fascination with muggle items... must be a Weasley.
I love pinning funny things I find!  This one I found pinned by Sprinkle of Glitter

The 'All About You Basket'
This one is a great idea for your spouse/partner!  Or even a bestie :)  You make little notes and attach them to relevant objects!  Can't wait to make this one day!  More info here.

Kitchen organizing - hang magazine racks to hold fruits and vegetables
Organising loose fruit & veg
I have been looking for the perfect fruit bowl but I haven't yet found one!  This would solve my problem as it:
a)  looks nice and b)  keeps it all organised separately.
More info here.

 So those are 3 'pins' I have pinned recently.  I might make this a regular post if you'd be interested :)  Let me know if you guys have Pinterest!  And what you've been pinning :)


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