25 June 2014

Where I'd Rather Be...

So it's a normal work day today and I just had my lunch break and all of a sudden I started feeling really dizzy.  Now that I'm back in the office I have been drinking heaps of water hoping that it will help but I am feeling a bit off still.  So I thought I'd use my little spot of the internet to transport myself to somewhere I'd rather be...

A few months ago I had a lovely "April" night where I lit some candles, had a bath, used a bath bomb and read a magazine.  It was one of my favourite types of nights and I thought I'd share it with you along with a mini review of my bath bomb of choice.

The bath bomb I chose was the Space Girl Bath Bomb from Lush which is quite a popular one.  It's a purple/blue bath bomb that is shaped like Saturn.  It has gold glitter sprinkled over it and smells like "blackcurrant sweeties" (according to Lush).  Space Girl turns your bath water a lovely purple colour that shimmers in the light with the glitter, though it is not too glittery.  

This Bath Bomb retails for $5.95 which is quite expensive (as a lot of Lush products are) however you can get it half price at Christmas time or as part of many of the gifts.  I suggest trying this one as it's one of my favorites!  I think Lush bath bombs/ballistics are a treat so don't mind paying a little extra to indulge every once in a while.

And no bath time would be complete without a few Dusk candles and my Better Homes & Gardens magazine!  There is nothing nicer than relaxing in a deep bath with the smell of bath bombs & candles...  and then diving into the world of DIY, baking & home makeovers.  Haha I love it!  So that is where I would like to be... It's hump day but it feels like the week should be over already!  You gotta love those weeks that take forever.

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