31 July 2014

Bella Box June 2014 Review

So me and beauty subscription boxes have been in a love hate relationship recently.  I wish I could be one of those bloggers that receive their box and can get a post up with a couple of days, but it's really hard at the moment.  When I get home it's already dark so it's hard to take nice pictures and I like spending time writing these posts.  Also we seem to receive the boxes later and later every month.  That said, excuses aside, I am terribly late this month and will try to get up my two July posts next week (haha I shouldn't make promises but I'll try)!

 The theme in June was Iconic Beauty which made us think of those iconic beauties from history like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.  We saw 3 sneak peaks and I was lucky enough to get two on them!

terrible pictures this month - I AM SORRY! :P

 So here is what I got in my June's Bella Box:

1.  Herbal Essences Naked Shine - Essential
Cost:  RRP per 300ml is $6.99.  I got 2 x 40ml which is worth $1.86.

I always love trying new shampoos and conditioner and love ones that come in bottles rather than stupid sachets - it means you can use them more than once much more easily.  These will do my hair for a few washes which I'm very happy about.  I haven't used them yet but might take them with me when I go away next.

2. Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr Hydrating Mask - Cult
Cost:  RRP per 100ml is $49.95. Full size Sample!

 Not only is this one a full size product it's also a big product.  I wouldn't pay $50 for this however am really looking forward to trying it!  I feel like we're seeing a lot of masks lately but I suppose being winter it's always a good thing!  I will let you know how this one goes!

3.  Mary Kay Mineral Eye Palette - Garden Sky - Colour
Cost:  RRP per 10g is $23.00.  Full size sample!
 I have very mixed feelings about this one.  1. I would NEVER pay $23 for this and 2. the colours are rather strange.  This does however have lovely pigmentation and feels very creamy and smooth to apply.  I might stick to the brown though, and leave the green and blue in the past!

4.  Lavanila Healthy Fragrance - Fragrance
Cost:  RRP per 50ml is $79.95.  I got a 1.2ml sample which is worth $1.92.
Some people would compare this type of sample with a sachet however I really like these kind of samples.  It allows you to test the fragrance over a few days which is all you really need to know you like it.  The fragrance isn't really me but I know a lot of people would like it.

5.  Grown Alchemist Vanilla & Orange Peel Hand Cream - Luxe
Cost:  RRP per 65ml is $24.95.  I got a 20ml sample which is worth $7.68.
I love hand cream samples!  I won't buy this one again because it was nothing special and I would never pay $25 for a hand cream.  But I really like it and it's a nice thing to throw in your handbag.

And then the BONUS products...
(no pictures for these this time I'm afraid - the ones I took were terrible!)

BONUS InStyle Australia Magazine
Cost: $9.95
This is a great addition to the box this month!  I wish Bella Box did this more often!  InStyle is an expensive magazine but a lovely one to look through.

BONUS  Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Nourishing Masque
Cost:  RRP per 75ml is $39.00.  I got a 5ml sample which is worth $2.60.
Haven't tried this one yet (either!) and I probably will one day but it's a sachet and that doesn't really excite me :P
And those were the contents of my June 2014 Bella Box subscription!

Total Box Value = $96.96

Far out!  What a high value box!!  Definitely the highest value so far, helped along by the fact I got 3 full size products (including the magazine).  I liked this box but I didn't love any single things.  I want to keep trying these things out before I form solid opinions on them though.

Let me know what you got in your Bella Box for the month of June and also let me know if you'd like any individual reviews on any of the products I received!  I hope you're having a good week... nearly the weekend!!  WOOHOO!!



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