1 August 2014

Pinterest Friday 01/08/2014 - Bathroom Decor Edition

It is finally the weekend.. well nearly :)  It's been one of those weeks where it's been really cold and every morning is a struggle to get up.  I actually really like winter but there are those mornings where your bed is just too cosy and warm and your husband is too snuggly :)  So I thought I'd make this Pinterest post a bathroom decor edition!  I know that's a bit random but lately I've been loving searching for all things home decor and realised that a lot of the things I've pinned are actually bathroom related.

So here are some cool things I found this week...


 I really like the idea of having something like this in my bathroom whether it be a few shelves or this kind of frame type box.  I love the idea of having the 'regular' boring things everyone needs in a bathroom but don't always have a place.  This puts all those things in their own place and it looks great too!  Some day... :)

This is a cool idea using cheap spice racks from IKEA to store bathroom products...  I love it!  Nothing much more to say about it - but it's really cool and I want to try it!

Top 10 Best Ideas for Bathroom Organization

I think this is my favourite thing I found for storing bathroom products!  It is so pretty and I'd use it to store pretty makeup products & lush products.... soooo nice!!  At the moment I don't have the space on my bathroom vanity for this type of storage but one day when I have my dream bathroom with my huge vanity this will take pride of place :)


We only have one measly towel rail in our bathroom and, as our bathroom isn't very big, we don't really have anywhere to put another rail.  And now we do :)  I'd probably only put one on the lower half of the door and I love the look of the layering towels in the different colours.

And that is it for this week :)  Today has been a bit of a meh day and I just feel like going home and siting on the couch.  Tomorrow I'm going to be making my favourite salad (!!) find the recipe here and also a baked cheesecake that I have never tried before so I'll let you know how it goes and possibly post the recipe in the next few weeks!  I hope you all have lovely weekends though and take care!  Let me know if you have any pins that you have been loving lately as I'd love to check them out!  I'm thinking of getting a public Pinterest but am not sure if that's something you guys would actually be interested in.  Let me know! :)

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