14 August 2014

Wishlist: Kmart Home Decor

I was hoping to get up two posts today (a Lust-Have-It and a Bella Box opening) but it just hasn't happened.  So to keep with the roll I'm on at the moment I decided to post one of my favourite type of posts to write... a WISHLIST!  I've been obsessed with the home decor at Target and Kmart at the moment because it's just nice stuff but isn't nearly as expensive as other places.

(Moving from left to right, top to bottom)
  1. Homemaker Inca Style Printed Cushion  -  $10.00
  2. Homemaker 'Home' Print Cushion - Black & Beige  -  $10.00 
  3. All You Need Print Cushion  -  $10.00
  4. Artificial Tulips in Vase  -  $15.00
  5. Rectangle Bevelled Edge Mirror  -  $29.00
  6. Wire Bird  -  $4.00
  7. Wooden Heart Sculpture  -  $7.00
  8. Homemaker Fahri Print Quilt Cover Set - Queen  -  $22.00

My husband and I are looking at couches at the moment so cushions are on my mind.  Up until now we have had brown couches but one of them is on its' last legs... literally!  We broke one of the legs and it's ... wait for it... hanging by a thread!!  Oh hahaha... :|  We are looking into getting some grey couches and I would love to have a grey, white and yellow colour scheme but are only problem is that we have a bright green feature wall and a whole lot of green cushions so we'll see..  I feel like I could do orange and grey or blue and grey and not look too out there compared to the green but I don't think yellow would go.  The other things are just bits and bobs I liked... I really want a mirror for our second toilet and am always looking for nice, cheap doona covers!

 Have you seen anything at Kmart or Target recently that caught your eye?  Let me know!

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