20 November 2013

Good&Bad of the week so far 20/11/2013

It's once again hump day and I have decided to keep this post on Wednesday's as midweek is a good time to reflect..

"The BAD"

Ironically enough "the bad" this week was last week's "good".  For some reason I have fallen off the motivation bandwagon as far as weight is concerned.  It's not that I have gained 50 kilos this last week I just have lost NOTHING.  Every morning I wake up and tell myself that today is different and that I will walk more during the day and try to stick to drinking lots and eating right.  But by the time I go to bed I realise that once again I have failed.

I was just looking for a photo to include in this blog post and saw a quote which I really like.

"Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret"

This quote will be my aim for this week...  Let's see if I can push through and stop feeling the pain of regret.  I'll let you know how I go! :)
"The GOOD"

I love getting mail.  There is nothing that's gets me more excited than to get a package on my doorstep or come home to my letterbox looking like this:

Everyone I know hates getting mail because they're afraid of bills however I have worked out a system so that I never have to worry about bills so this doesn't bother me.  Along with mail I also love free samples, especially of beauty products, and have found a few legitimate sample websites which means I can try things that I wouldn't usually buy.

My favourite sample websites:

When I got home last night there was 3 samples in the post, and the samples that came were AMAZING!  They were all full sized which is quite rare of samples and I will use all of them.  I don't want to give too much away as I'm going to do separate posts with reviews and product photos but they are to do with hair removal and also your lips.  I was so chuffed!!

I also got my house clean last night which made me feel so much better about this busy week so I'm definitely cheering :)

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