13 November 2013

Good&Bad of the week so far 13/11/2013

It's hump day finally!  And because it is the middle of the week I have decided to write a mid-week post on what has been good and what has been bad so far.

I think I might make these a weekly thing if I have enough good & bad things :)  I also might change what day they are on to Friday but this morning good and bad things happened so I wanted to talk about them.

We'll start with the bad because I like to end on a good note...

"The BAD"

I catch the bus and then train every morning to work and had forgotten to recharge my bus card with money so had to purchase a ticket when I got onto the bus.  Now I grew up in Melbourne and we call our tickets nice and simple names.  You either buy a adult or a concession.  You buy a two-hour or a daily and they go for either two hours or for a whole day.  But here in Adelaide they have single trip or day trip tickets.  As a born and bred Melbourne-ite I have no idea what to ask for when I enter a bus.  So today when entering the bus I asked what the people in front of me always ask for, an "adult, short trip", and the bus driver was not happy.

This is EXACTLY what he looked like... well without the gnome outfit ;)

 He rolled his eyes and spoke to me with the rudest attitude I have ever received.  I could not believe it.  A bus driver's job is not just to drive a bus but also to sell people tickets.  Regular commuters are not the only people using the bus, there are visitors or newbies too. Grgh it made me so annoyed and I may still be thinking about writing a very serious complaint letter... though I never end up sending them so there probably isn't a point.

"The GOOD"

About a week ago I made an aim that I would lose 3kgs by the time my parents came over on the 23rd of November.  Yesterday I weighed myself and I had lost exactly 1 kilogram which meant I had 2kgs to lose in 10 days.  0.2kgs a day is definitely achievable and so far so good.  I weigh myself every morning before breakfast and I was a bit worried today as I wasn't perfect yesterday.  But I lost exactly 0.2kgs so things are looking up!  So far this year I have lost 10kgs which is crazy awesome!  But I still have a bit more I would like to lose.  I will detail how I am losing the weight and keeping it off in another blog post but don't worry I am doing it healthily and slowly.

 It just made me so happy this morning to know I lost what I wanted to even though I wasn't perfect.  It makes me want to do even better today because who knows what I can achieve if I'm not bad.

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