7 November 2013

"Airport Trauma"

I was reading an article the other day on mamamia.com.au and I had to repost in on here because I thought it was absolutely hilarious.  Click here to go to Rosie Waterland's post on "Airport Trauma".

imsis243 042 Airport trauma: You werent there man. You werent there.

I was in a long distance relationship for 2 and a half years before moving to Adelaide to be with my now husband and so had to travel by plane about once a month.  This piece just made me crack up!  It is so true!

I can remember absolute turmoil when the last flight out from Adelaide to Melbourne on a Sunday night was cancelled because we didn't have time to get into the air before the 11pm curfew.  People piled on top of one another trying to get to the service desk, some grumpy and rude, others (like myself) ecstatic to be getting a free hotel room and food for the night - I am so easy to please!

For me though, the real trauma starts when the plane is in the air.  I used to not be afraid of flying but my husband rubbed off on me and now I am terrified!  Plus the fact that I love those Air Crash shows does not help in the least!  I am now that person that frantically reads the crash instruction card and watches every step with extreme concentration of the safety demonstration.

I think I embarrass everyone I travel with. Thankfully I don't have to fly as much anymore!

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