11 November 2013

Help Me!

Throughout my teenage years I was pretty lucky.  I may not have always thought I was and I suppose we always point out our own imperfections.  But I was lucky.

You see throughout my adolescent experience I didn't really get any pimples.  I missed that dreaded "acne train" and had a pretty clear face.  While everyone was worrying what pimple cream to use I was blissfully unaware of the horrors they were suffering.  Until now...

I have started getting pimples, and they are awful!  And because I haven't had them throughout my life, I have NO idea what to do with them.  When I say that I have pimples now they are only around my nose and mouth, but I am terrified that they will start spreading... it's like a plague!

All my life I have hated my dry skin which resulted in a flaky nose and wrinkly hands.  But now I want it back and I regret the awful things I said.  The saying is true, the grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side, but I really do miss my  flaky nose in my nice green paddock where there were no pimples and the sky was always blue <3

Please help me!  Comment below with what helped you with your pimples/acne/zits/etc...  I would really appreciate it :)

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