21 November 2013

Review: Leo Bancroft Totally Protected Heat Defense Spray

I had never bought a heat protecting spray before but heard so much about them on YouTube so thought I’d look into them.  I have started straightening my hair a lot more lately and have been quite conscious of the fact it’s drying out my hair, so I decided to look around my local shops for one.

Surprisingly I had quite a hard time finding one so when I found “Leo Bancroft's Totally Protected Heat Defence Spray” I bought it without really researching it at all.  

Sorry for the website image, I haven't had time to get pictures off my camera!

My initial thought on the heat spray is that it stank!  I can’t stand the smell and end up needing to spray perfume in my hair to mask the chemical like scent.

 Now I can push through the scent because if a product is good enough then it won't matter.  However I am not convinced that this product does anything at all.  I mean my hair doesn't feel dry and it's not breaking a whole lot.  But I'm not convinced that this is due to using the heat spray.  I have one major problem with this spray and that is that it made my roots extremely greasy!  I sprayed it on the tips of my hair and then brushed it through before straightening and mid-morning I noticed my hair looked awful.  I had used no other product on my hair and only washed it the night before.

One thing I do like about the product is the packaging.  I like simple and effective packaging and this product has that.  On the whole I don't think I will repurchase this heat spray.  I think I might try the TRESemm√© one or Dove as I've heard good things about them.

Do you have a good heat spray that is tried and true?  I'm a tad hesitant to go out and buy another one now :(  Let me know!

PS:  I love the way my new signature matches the bottle! haha

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