26 November 2013

Just can't be bothered

So I try to write a blog post almost every weekday however today I am just not in the mood.  It is approximately 35 degrees here today and I am feeling awful!  So I thought I'd write a quick post to let you know that there won't be a proper post today because my brain is empty and surrounded by a dark cloud of yuck-ness.

Here is a picture of my two bunnies when they were babies:

Random I know but it cheered me up slightly.

I have 2 hours left of work but then I'm going to meet my best friend for dinner which will be great as I haven't seen her in forever!  Hopefully I will have started feeling better by then because it's a long drive and an even longer one home!

Have a good day & thanks for checking in!  I'll be back with a bit more positivity tomorrow :)

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