7 November 2013

Favourite Shops...

My favourite shop at the moment is Review followed closely by Kate Hill. The dresses and bags are beautiful and classy however quite pricey, so for me, they are "sometimes" shops.

A close friend got married recently and I got the below dress from Review.  I made the mistake of trying it on in Myer and fell in love with it before realising the extreme price tag.  Luckily for me there was a sale online the next week so I managed to reduce the price by $80 so was pretty chuffed about that. It was still an expensive dress, but for a wedding you sort of expect that.

While visiting my family in Melbourne a couple of weekends ago I went to the Review Outlet at DFO (Direct Factory Outlets) Moorabin and also picked up another dress for $49 reduced from $269 which I was absolutely ecstatic about!  My parents got me one as well which was $59 reduced from $280.  I will definitely be going back...  I can almost here my purse crying ;)  I tried to find pictures of the other dresses but they're not on their website or facebook.

I have always walked past Kate Hill stores and never gone in.  To be honest I thought they were more expensive then they are.

  They are probably all under $100, which though is still an expensive bag/purse to me, still isn't up there when it comes to handbags.  So far I've been through one bag and onto my second and have a beautiful over-sized wallet that I love!  Go check out their website because I know you'll love them too!

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