14 February 2014

Chi Chi Cosmetics - Glamorous Makeup Collection - RICH GEMS

A while ago I purchased the Chi Chi Cosmetics Glamorous Makeup Collection RICH GEMS Set for $17.50 from Target (on special from $24.95).  The set contains four Lip Glosses, a Blush and the Rich Gems Eyeshadow Palette.

I thought I would do a post swatching the contents of this set and letting you know my initial thoughts on each product.

Normal Chi Chi Viva La Diva Glosses retail for $9.95 and you get four of these glosses.  These aren't the Viva La Diva glosses however they are lovely and pigmented.  They also have a lovely candy smell which makes me want to eat them!  But I won't ;)

This blush isn't sold separately either however Chi Chi's Mosaic Blushes retail for $19.95.  You have options with this blush to have a light pink, bronzed pink or bright pink colour.  The swatch below is all the colours mixed together but you definitely can have a different look if you so desire.

The Rich Gems Glamorous Eyes Eyeshadow Palette retails for $22.95 and is the only item in this set that is in their permanent collection.  It is full of brilliant purples, pinks, golds, greens & blues that are not too bright to be unwearable.  I look at this palette and immediately see combinations to put on my eyes but unfortunately due to the fact I am relatively new to eyeshadow I never really stray from the golds, browns & dark green.  I would love to be more adventurous with the palette as it truly is lovely so we'll see I guess :)

These swatches are NOT the best SORRY!  The greens show up SO much more than they do here.  I was in a rush :(

All up I think this set is a great one for someone starting up their makeup collection as you get 4 lipglosses, a blush & an eyeshadow palette.  All up it values roughly at $82.70 and I got it for $17.50!  What a BARGAIN!

Let me know if YOU have tried Chi Chi Cosmectics and what your favourite product it!  If not I highly suggest the brand as I have not tried one thing I have not liked.

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