21 February 2014

Drugstore Makeup & Candle Haul!

Not long ago I stumbled across an awesome discount makeup store in Harbour Town Adelaide.  The store is called Cosmetics Fragrance Direct and has outlets all over Australia.

Cosmetics Fragrance Direct

The shop stocks perfume, cosmetics, bath & body products and much more.  I seriously reccommend going there because you can grab some great drugstore products for a steal as well as some high-end finds if you are lucky!  I haven't kept the receipts of everything I bought but I will try to find them on the website if I can or at least write the RRP.  I went to two stores to purchase the following items:  DFO South Wharf Melbourne & Harbour Town Adelaide.  I hope you enjoy my haul...

Now I was a goose and didn't write down some of the products' colours/names so I will try to come back on Monday and write them :)

 1.  Revlon Luxurious Colour Smokey Crayon in Bronze Smoke
2.  Rimmel London Scandaleyes Waterproof in Bronze
(Price:  $5.00)

 3.  Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel in Clear

 5.  Revlon Lipstick - :(  I thought I brought the colour with me!
6.  Covergirl lip perfection jumbo gloss balm - Ballet Twist, 205
7.  Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede - High Heels, 030
(Cost  =  $7.00)

8.  Caramel flavoured Homemade Candle.  I found this in a fishing shop and it was homemade by the shop assistant's sister which I thought was so cool.  This is her facebook if you want to check her out!

 9.  Cosmetic Fragrence Direct Blending Sponge 
(Cost  =  $6.00)
This is their try on the beauty blender which I have never tried.  The only thing is on the second use of this I didn't clean it straight away so it's now stained :(  Works so well though!


 I hope you all enjoyed this haul.  I'm still getting used to taking photos of products and I'm trying to get better "backgrounds" so sorry! :)  If you'd like any reviews of these products let me know!

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