4 February 2014

What do YOU think of... Sportsgirl Makeup?

So today I went to get my eyebrows waxed in my lunchbreak at +Essential Beauty Rundle Mall (Adelaide) and they did an awesome job like normal.  I get the bottom waxed and the top trimmed and always get a lovely shape.

While I was walking back through the mall afterwards I went into +sportsgirlaustralia.  It wasn't the normal store it only had accessories, shoes & makeup.  I have always been curious about their makeup and this is what this post is about.

What do YOU think of Sportsgirl Makeup?


I think this sort of post is so useful for everyone.  I can share my thoughts and those more experienced can also offer advice.

So here are my thoughts so far..

Their eyeshadows are lovely!  I swatched some of the shadows from their palettes and was very impressed with the pigmentation.  I couldn't get pictures of their website but click here for links to my favourite ones:  Eye Like It and Winter Eye Like It.  They both retail at $14.95 which is extremely cheap and I very nearly bought them on the spot but I don't like doing that without research.

I didn't swatch any of the lipsticks but their price tag was nice at $9.95.

Have you tried Sportsgirl Makeup yet?  I'm always quite dubious about trying clothing brand cosmetics but I'd love to hear your thoughts!

PS:  I'm so sorry I haven't gotten any birthday posts up yet but I want to spend some time on them and get all the photos right :)  Sorry!  Also I wanted to write this one fresh off the bat!

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