13 February 2014

Bella Box

I am super excited because I have finally subscribed to....  BELLA BOX!  Woohoo!!  I have been looking at their facebook and website for ages and could never justify it even though it's only $15 a month.  But I have quite a bit of birthday money still to spend so I decided to bite the bullet and get one month to start with.  The great thing about Bella Box is you can cancel your subscription at any time and it's free shipping!

For the longest time I have read blog posts & watched YouTube videos on beauty subscription boxes.  In Australia they are slightly more expensive and there aren't as many options so I never was truly convinced.  But now that I have subscribed and I so, so excited to get my first box.

They are given us a few hints on what is in the box with the brands Burt's Bees & Aveda getting a mention but we will see what I get...

If I like the concept once I've received the box I think I might get a few more of them.  And I will definitely do blog posts & pictures of the products so you can see if it's worth it for YOU :)

Yay I am so excited haha does that make me lame??

Are you guys subscribed to Bella Box?  Do you think it's worth the $15 a month and what is the best thing you have received?

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