26 February 2014

The week so far 26/02/2014

Wow!  I haven't written one of these posts in quite a while but I really felt like doing a chatty post so here we are :)  I have all these thoughts running around my head and instead of doing little blog posts on them separately I though it would good to just get them all out.

My Rabbits
On my birthday weekend when my husband & I were away my two rabbits got in together (they are male & female) which means I am pretty sure they are pregnant and I am SO EXCITED!  They should be due from this weekend onwards and she usually has her bubs 4 weeks from the date.  I can't wait and I'll be sure to put pics up if she does have them :)

This month I subscribed to +bellabox Australia and received my box on Monday!  I have decided that I will stay subscribed for at least 3 months and then decide whether I want to continue.  I thought every month I might do 2 posts for each month's box.  I want to do a post that shows all the items I got in the box and then another one with swatches and reviews.  This way I should be able to get the open box post up quite quickly and then have time to test the products and do review post after I have had time to trial the items properly.

Sorry I haven't had time yet to get the Open Box post up for February's box yet but I should have it up this week and then hopefully the review post next week.  It was so exciting to get the box at my door and I can't wait to bring it to you!

Healthy Eating
 Ew!  I hate those words :)  It sounds so "fad" like but for me at the moment it isn't.  I've started having breakfast daily, not snacking all day and sticking to a meal plan that works.  And I am so so proud of myself!  It's been nearly 2 weeks and still going strong.  In fact it's getting easier.  I'm not getting as hungry during the day which is a massive plus because it means I don't get as many cravings anymore.  What I want to work on is going for a walk/run at night after tea and also not eating a snack with my coffee at night.

My Skin
My face is so dry at the moment and I know why.  I will do a seperate post on it but a while ago I was using 2 sample Neutrogena  products together I got terribly dry skin.  I had thought it was due to using the 2 products at once but now I realise it was just one of them.  So I have stopped using it and am slathering my face with cream every night trying to make it better.  I hate dry skin!

Holiday Plans
A few months ago I wrote a post titled "America" about my plans to go to America at the end of the year and this is still in the works.  It's the first overseas holiday my husband and I are planning entirely on our own and it is stressing me out!  I have no idea where to start when it comes to getting decent accomodation for a reasonable price in a good location.  I have no idea about anything really apart from the fact I want to do flights through an agent and I want to go to Disneyland/world :)
If you have planned your own overseas trip I would love any tips you might have as I am so lost!

Future Posts
I am planning to try and post at least twice a week with the occasional bonus post.  I have finally got myself a box where I have put products I need to review for you guys so those posts are coming.  Not only that but I also want to continue with my makeup collection series.  I was also thinking of doing a few receipe/cooking posts and maybe even organisation/home posts.  2014 is looking exciting for me & my blog so I hope you enjoy it!

Let me know if you have any ideas on posts you'd like to see.  I love tags and life posts but also I am keen to review new beauty/body products for you!

Hope you are all having a good week!!


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