3 December 2013


My husband and I went to Canada and America mid 2012 and since we came back we REALLY want to go again.  My brother and his wife live there and when we went last it was for their wedding so we didn't get to spend a whole lot of time doing tourist-y things.  We also didn't have much money at the time so couldn't really shop shop shop like I would've liked.  We went to New York for 1 and a half days and can't wait to go again.

We are thinking of going again over Christmas break in 2014.  We want to save like crazy and then go for 3 weeks and really enjoy ourselves.  Plus wouldn't a "white Christmas" be just amazing?  I think so :)  We haven't actually organised anything at the moment but these are our current "plans" if you could call them that.

Week 1:
Go somewhere like Las Angeles, California, Florida, etc... somewhere with fun things to see :)  I really have no idea for this week.  I really want to go to Disneyland or Warner Brothers Studio or Universal Studio.  Not sure which state/area would be the best to go to?  Any ideas would be very welcome!

Week 2:
I want to spend week two (or at least most of it) with my brother and his wife.  I miss them both like crazy and would love to see more of Canada.

Week 3:
New York, New York!!  (sung in that New York song, can't think what it is, but it exists).  My husband and I love this place.  There is so much to do and it is crazy cheap to do touristy things!  Well cheaper than Australia anyway.  I want to sightsee.  I want to eat.  I want to shop!  When we went last year we didn't do nearly as much as we wanted to as we were dead tired and didn't have the time or moolah.  


I can't wait to actually start planning this trip as I'm sure it will be amazing!

Have you ever been to America?  What was your favourite place and do you have any reccommedations?  Currently I just want to go anywhere that has shops because everything is SO MUCH CHEAPER!  Gah the lucky things ;)

PS : The thing I'm looking forward to the most is probably going into Walmart again, not gonna lie! :)


  1. I went to New York in September last year and I absolutely loved it. There's a really lively energy to the place and always something to see. I really want to pay a visit to the West Coast - hopefully I can go sometime next year.

    1. It's very different to Adelaide where I live ;) Can't wait to go back! x