19 December 2013

Chi Chi Cosmetics Prize

On Monday I got a card in my letterbox that said my prize from Chi Chi Cosmetics had been delivered but because no one was home it had been taken to the local Post Office.  So last night I made it to the post office at 5:59pm and got my package!  I was so excited.  The package came in the cutest pink box as seen above - I love personal touches like this!

I'm not going to put swatches in this post, I will do separate reviews on each product so that this post isn't mammoth!  But already I love most of the products which makes me very happy.  I wasn't sure about Chi Chi Cosmetics when I first saw them in store but I am now converted.  Originally I thought the product looked a bit cheap and because the prices are good I thought it was.  But I was wrong and Chi Chi showed me that I shouldn't judge a book by its' cover!

I won:  a BB Cream, 6 baked eye shadows, 2 lipsticks, 2 creamy liquid lipsticks & a Mascara!
I had so much fun playing around with my new makeup last night so thank you Chi Chi Cosmetics for choosing me to win your prize!  You're awesome!

I can't wait to do reviews on all these products for you because as I said I love lots of them!  There should be a separate review post up possibly today or tomorrow.  Sorry for the lack of posts recently I have been so busy at work and home due to the fact that there is only TWO DAYS MORE OF WORK!!  Can't wait for Christmas Break and to go see my family :)

Have you tried Chi Chi Cosmetics?  If so what are your thoughts?

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