11 December 2013

Good&Bad of the week so far 11/12/13

Once again it's Wednesday and time for my weekly Good&Bad of the week so far post!  :)  Woohoo I love these.  I just really enjoy thinking about what has happened so far this week.

"The BAD"

 My hair is gross today.  It is greasy and not sitting right.  I'm not happy with the way my hair is at the moment already but add greasyness to it and my disgust triples!  I need a hair cut badly but don't want to because it's too short as it is.

Late 2012 I cut my lovely long hair to a short bob inspired by Jenny McCarthy in this picture:

But as lovely as it looked when it was cut and styled by the hairdresser I regretted it straight away.  Deep down I knew I would never have the time or want to make the effort to keep it looking like that everyday.  So I have grown it about 20cms since then (yup I measured my hair, cos I'm cool like that) but that is not enough.  I miss having long hair; I just think it is so feminine and pretty.

So that's the bad from my week so far... my hair - FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS! :(

"The GOOD"
 The weather has been quite chilly this week but the sun has shown its' face in the afternoons.  This is actually probably one of my favourite types of day.  It's nice and cold and drizzly in the morning but you get to enjoy the sunshine too.  I changed my sheets earlier in the week so our new cozy sheets have been amazing to sleep in - they are so soft! Gotta love a cozy bed on a cold morning.

I have been slowly cleaning parts of my house this week, not as quick as I would like, but it has been happening nonetheless.  It's so nice coming home and not stressing out that someone might drop by ;)

I have so many great product reviews to put up on here which I will hopefully get up before Christmas holidays.  I have received quite a few great samples and love testing them out and then being able to tell the internet about them!  These include beauty products & ingredients so it will be quite a mix for you!

The main good thing about this week is that is only 2 weeks until Christmas Day and only 7 days and 1.5 hours left of work for the year!  WOOHOO!  I love the end of the year because I get a solid two weeks off which is so nice after not really having a proper holiday all year.  My husband and I are going to Melbourne from the 24 - 30 of December to see my family and then I'll have a week at home.  I can't wait.  I love this time of year as we see all the family and everyone is happy.

(Two puppy pictures in one post I can hear you asking?  ... I LOVE animals!)

I have been writing this blog for just over a month now and have been loving it.  It's so nice to have somewhere to write down my thoughts on my life and things I try.  Thank you to everyone that's reading it and to all the blogs out there that inspired me to finally bite the bullet and sign up.  You're all awesome!

Hope the rest of your weeks go fantastic!!  Keep safe :)

By the way if you know of any good dry shampoos then please let me know!  I've never used one before, so don't have any idea, but have seen them work miracles on other people!  I have brown hair so the ones that don't make your hair go white would be lovely <3  Ta!

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