2 December 2013

Who are you?!

Hi......  I'm April....... remember me? .....  Probably not ;)

I have been so hopeless with my blog lately and I'm sorry.  It's not entirely my fault though.  I have been feeling absolutely awful for over a week now and so my thinking has gone down the drain.  But I am back now and ready to type type type! :)  Last week I started writing a whole heap of posts and reviews but none of them made it past "Draft".  This week I'll try to get as many posts up as possible but maybe won't say that I will do "a post a day" because it probably won't happen if it's said out loud.

On Saturday (I was feeling slightly better after a day off work on Friday) my husband and I dug out our garden and then took all the roots, rocks and excess dirt to the dump.  It was over 30 degrees and rather hot so that night we went with some friends and had hot chips & pizza at our local beach.  After that while walking to our cars we found an AWESOME cinema which has $8 tickets which is crazy cheap!  So we watched One Chance which was really good and heartwarming :)

Because we went to the movies our night ended a lot later than expected so we got home about 11pm and as it was a hot night got basically no sleep.  Because of this I woke up feeling absolutely awful again.  I had my sore throat back and the feeling of exhaustion too unfortunetly.  I did nothing Sunday as I was feeling like this and though I have come into work today, I still don't feel fantastic.  Getting there though :)

In other news I am ADDICTED to all drinks Caramel flavoured!  

Wow just looking at this picture makes me want them.  I like putting two sachets in to one big mug of boiling water and then adding a dash of milk and it's DELICIOUS!! They now have caramel infused instant coffee which I'm also thinking of testing.  I really like sachets though... it makes me feel so posh :)

We bought a new letterbox on the weekend.  It's from Stratco and was too expensive for a long time but we walked in there on Saturday and saw it on special so had to grab it.  We love it!!

Well that pretty much sums up my life at the moment... caramel lattes & a new letterbox :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!  Let me know what you got up to.

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