5 December 2013

Serious Topic: Budgeting

So today is pay day, don't you love it?  It's sad how excited I get when I reach it.  It makes me want to sing "Money, Money, Money... always funny, in a rich man's world" (ABBA - but you really should know that haha).

And it's got me thinking about budgeting and do we really need to long for payday?  Why don't we just use our money wisely?

Every now and again I feel like writing about a part of my life is more serious then what I can in my post and what makes me happy/grumpy.  So every now and again I might write one of these posts.  If they don't float your boat don't worry, fun post coming tomorrow :)

For the last couple of months my husband and I have meant to sit down and work out a budget that works a bit better for our life than our current one.  Finally the other night I managed to corner sit down with him and we worked out a new budget which even contains spending money which is something new for us.  We have a joint bank account and a mortgage so not much money spare but we have enough.  We have been finding though that we are not sticking to our budget and so we needed a new one.

Our new budget seems easier to stick to and I hope we can manage :)  Today marks the first day of our new budget and we'll see how we go.  We'll see whether we need to tweak it slightly or whether it works fine.

Wish us luck!

Let me know if you have any tips on budgeting and what helps you stick to it.

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