9 December 2013

Review: Schick Hydro Silk

When I got sent this as a sample I was ecstatic.  I have never really had a favourite shaver and just sort of bought whatever was on sale.  Before getting this sample I had actually already tried this shaver before and in my opinion it was a winner.


I've never used shaving cream so I love the moisturising strips which mean I only need to use a bit of shower gel and water and I'm good to go.  The strips also mean I don't have to worry about cutting myself, though I only have once before anyway.

My legs feel lovely and smooth after shaving, not to mention soft.  I also don't find myself getting so many ingrown hairs though I don't know the science behind that.  My skin is dry as it is so anything that will give it back some moisture is a champion in my book.

I LOVE the fact this has a $5 off voucher with it as I will definitely be repurchasing!  Thumbs up from me :)

What's your favourite shaver?  Let me know if you have tried this one and what you thought!

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