12 February 2014

21st Birthday Presents

I love these kind of posts.  I'm very nosey like that :)  So I thought I would write a WHAT I GOT FOR MY BIRTHDAY post!  Woohoo!!  (Though I'm sure it's a tad more exciting for me than you guys! lol)

Well there isn't much more to say so I'll get straight into the pictures of what I was given  Two things that I will say is that:
1.  I am so incredibly grateful for what I was given and never expected it!
2.  Sorry for the shoddy pictures of everything!  I really wanted to get this post up and just decided that any photos would be better than none.

So with that out of the way here are a few things I was given...

technically not a present but my brother&sister-in-law bought me a cake... nom nom

6 mixing bowls, a sifter & spatula - might seem like a boring pressie to you but I was ECSTATIC as I need ALL those things!

A lovely lavender body set

Coles Myer & Review Gift Card

"Pasta" and "Greek" cooking books & Ferrero Rocher choccies!

 My parents gave me this beautiful little purse/clutch from Kate Hill with some money in it so that I could go shopping without having to feel the pinch in my pocket!  It is so gorgeous and was such a fun day shopping for my birthday.  A haul is coming up but I still have money to spend!

For a little one it has a LOT of room!

 I also got a lovely black bag from Kate Hill from one set of grandparents but the photo I took of it is so awful I can't put it up! Below is an image of a website so you can get an idea :)

My awesome sisters got me Confessions of a Shopaholic (love this movie!), Owl Salt n Pepper shakers from Typo & a pretty scarf with butterflies on.  I love the colours mint and pink at the moment so this pressie suited me to the T!

I got these two necklaces which are both beautiful!

 Then I got some more money from other people which I am still thinking about what to spend it on.   From my 2 other brother-in-laws I got tickets to South Pacific & from my parents-in-law I got plane tickets which were both amazing and super generous pressies!

Last but most certainly not least from my darling hubby I got...

A FANCY SHMANCY BATH ROBE!!  As in like the ones you get in hotels!  Oooh la la!  This has made every day a fancy one :)

Bath robes and towels from Adairs

I always comment on how much I love these and he must've been listening... I mean I do say it quite often ;)

As you can see I was a very lucky girl and I love each and every thing!

Let me know if you have any ideas on stuff to buy with the rest of my birthday money as I'm always looking for extra girly stuff to have :)  And also let me know if you'd be interested in seeing a haul post!

PS:  Sorry this post is a tad late...  I know I know it's 12 days since my birthday but I have been so busy lately and life has come first :)  But I will try to be better!

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