5 November 2014

Bella Box September 2014 | Thinking About April

 After my annoyed post last month (here) I have officially unsubcribed to Bella Box.  I received the September and the October boxes but I don't think I'll be resubscribing any time soon.  Some people would probably love the contents of my box... they just don't suit my beauty profile at all and I was sick of paying money and then not receiving relevant items.  So here is what I got in my box....

This month was a collaboration with Gritty Pretty...

1.  Neutrogena Makeup Wipes
 RRP for 25pk is $7.99 - I received a 7 wipes = $2.24
I like receiving makeup wipes for "free"... they aren't an exciting addition but I know I will use them.
2.  Gelogic Nail Enamel - Black
 RRP is $9.99 - Full size sample!
 BLACK. NAIL POLISH.  I will not use this.  This doesn't match my beauty profile.  Not happy Bella Box :(

3.  1000 Hour Lashes
 RRP is $9.95 - Full size sample!
I don't wear false eyelashes but I actually don't mind them being in here as I can give them as gifts...  the only thing is I am paying for these boxes as a treat for me so it can be a bit disappointing to always have to give everything away.
4.  Germaine De Capuccini Defence Emulsion
 RRP for 50ml is $143.00 - I received 5ml = $14.30
 This is such an expensive product... I can't believe a tiny litle bottle is worth more than I'd pay for a massive bottle of skin care!  These little samples I will eventually use but not straight away... they just don't excite me.

5.  Sleek Makeup Eye Dust - Green
 RRP is $9.99 - Full size sample!
Nice, I have wanted to try Sleek makeup for a while and this eye pigment did not disappoint.  Though the colour is not something I will wear on a day to day basis I have popped it into my makeup draws and will definitely experiment with it more.  Fantastic pigmentation!
BONUS items:
Garnier Perfect Blur sachet
 RRP for 22ml is $16.95 - I received 1.5ml = $1.16
 I have already received a sachet of this in a magazine so already knew I liked it... the only thing is I hate it when there is about two uses in a sachet but you don't want an open sachet sitting on your bathroom counter.  I ended up using it all at once which is a bit of a waste.
Revlon Colorstay Foundation sachet
 RRP for 30ml is $34.95 - I received 1.5ml = $1.75
 Ditto!  I used about 1/3 of this one as I found it really went the distance but then I ended up throwing out the rest... I prefer the mini squeezey bottles :)

Total Value of the Box = $49.38

 Unfortunately I'm just not happy with Bella Box anymore...  which is why I have unsubscribed.  Each box is getting later and later and less matched to our beauty profiles.

Let me know if you're subscribed to any of the Australian Beauty Boxes and what you think!

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