6 October 2014

Women's Health Magazine Showbag 2014

Last month I went to the Royal Adelaide Show with my hubby and some friends of ours.  I love going to the show and apart from the the baby animals my favourite thing is going through all the show bags!  For the second year in a row I got the Women's Health Show Bag and I thought I'd show you what was in it!

The show bag comes in a lovely white and magenta Women's Health gym bag (you could also get black but they were out) which was quite similar to the magenta and silver writing one I got last year.  This alone makes the show bag and you can never have too many of these little bags!

The show bag cost $25.00, so one of the more expensive show bags, but is defiantly worth the money as the website says it's valued at $248.70 (very specific haha).  I got this list of the website of everything included... there is A LOT!

Women's Health magazine (current issue)
InStyle magazine (current issue)
Women's Health magazine (back issue)
WHO magazine (current issue)
Women's Health Gym Bag (choice of two)
Sport Towel with zipper pockets
Designer Brands Kohl Pencil + Beauty Mag
Schick Hydro Silk Razor
Batiste Dry Shampoo Original
Compeed Blister Patch sample
Compeed Cold Sore Patch sample
Dermeze Thick Cream sachets
Dermeze Cream sachets
Palmer's Intensive Relief Moisturiser
Chang's Gluten Free Pad Thai noodles
Tetley Steamed Green Tea samples
Mug Shot Noodles
Boost Juice Boost Buck voucher
Chesser Studios Photography Discount Offer
Anytime Fitness Trial Pass
Cookie Man Discount Offer
Melbourne SeaLife Aquarium/Otway Fly Discount Offer
Essentials In a Box Online Discount Offer

So it came with A LOT of stuff and the good thing about it is that I will actually use a lot of this stuff.  The magazines are all fun ones to flick through and even though I'm not the fittest or fashionable person in the universe I love Women's Health & InStyle magazines  for tips :)  Apart from the magazines, the shaver & Batiste dry shampoo are probably what sold me as I love them both!

Did you guys go to the show this year?  What show bag did you get or what is your favourite type to get.  Every year I look at the Model Co one and get so tempted but never actually buy it.  Maybe next year ;)

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