2 October 2014

Bella Box August 2014

You probably clicked into this post to see my Bella Box August 2014 review.  But I've decided after numerous emails back and forth that I will not be reviewing the box this month.  I thought I'd still include a picture of the box so you can see the contents but I am so unhappy with the customer service that I will not be doing a full review.

I recently received the September box however have decided that the October box is going to be the last one I receive.  I really like giving companies a chance but I just feel like Lust Have It is so on point at the moment and Bella Box is so not on point.

I sent Bella Box a simple email asking for a replacement card as my card did not include all the prices and also asked why I received a product I only received 6 months earlier in the February Box.  They replied back asking that I wait until the end of the following week to review the box however I still had not received a reply to these questions by that time.  I sent another email and they just never answered my questions properly.  I know that customer service isn't all that Bella Box is about and I have really enjoyed receiving their boxes until this point but I just feel like each month the box gets worse whereas Lust Have It gets better and better.

I hate writing these sort of posts they are such downers but I started this blog to give you my honest opinion and this is it.  I will be reviewing the September (next week) and October boxes normally and then that will be it for Bella Box on Thinking About April for now.

Mini Rant (within a rant):  I have received a nail polish in July, August AND September's Bella Box!  TOO MUCH NAIL POLISH FOR SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T USE IT!  Lol rant over ;)

Let me know if you are subscribed to any beauty boxes and what your experience has been?  Would you subscribe to Bella Box?

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