7 October 2014

Chi Chi Cosmetics - Palettes

I really like Chi Chi Cosmetics.  They are a good Australian 'drugstore' brand which produces fantastic makeup!  To date I haven't tried any of  their brand that I haven't liked.  I have mentioned their palettes before in posts and even briefly reviewed the Rich Gems palette here as part of a set.  But I have never done full blown posts on the individual palettes so I thought that is what I would :)

This post is just going to show you the palettes I own and then I will come back and link the posts once I have done them.  I think I'll make this a Tuesday thing so this post will go up on Tuesday (wow look at me scheduling again) and then each palette post on the following Tuesdays after that.

So as you can see I have four palettes:  The Nudes, Bases, Rich Gems and Elegant Palette.  And I'm sure you can tell by the writing on the front which one I use and love the most... :)

With flash!

Without Flash!

Funnily enough the colours show up a lot more true with flash than without.  As you can tell I prefer more natural browns and pinks :)  These are beautiful palettes and I cannot wait to review them all for you!  I'll will update this post each week with a link to the individual review post.

Have you tried any of the other Chi Chi palettes?  If so, which would you suggest I try next? 

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