6 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!!  I hope you all had a safe holiday season and had a lot of fun!  Sorry I only blogged once over Christmas and New Years I was just really busy and wanted to spend my time with friends and family.  But I am officially back after an awesome 2 weeks off work and ready to start the new year with a BANG! :)

I thought for my first post in 2014 I would do my New Years Resolutions.  I feel like if I write them on here I can keep myself accountable and also remember what they are!  So here we go...

1.  I want to finally get down to my "goal weight"

I don't want to "get skinny" or "become like someone else".  I want to be happy and healthy and to be those things I need to weigh less.  People say you are beautiful just the way you are and that is absolutely true.  However you are not always healthy the way you are.  I want to be a healthy weight for my height.  I am nearly 21 and in the prime of my life and I am sick of feeling sick and embarrassed of my weight.  Last year I lost 10kg which was fantastic and means I don't have too far to go!  But I still have a bit to go so WOOHOO! :)

I'm not usually one for these "get healthy" pictures that float around the internet but it's true.  Being fit and healthy are what is important NOT being skinny for society!

2.  I want to be able to run 10 kilometers by the end of the year.

I know this is a random one but I do like running.  I would love to be one of those people that can just jump up and run.  I will feel so proud of myself if I manage this goal but to be honest I will be happy if I am just fit.

3.  I want to be more organised.

I want to have my house and my life more organised than last year.  I am someone that thrives on schedule.  I love having a pattern for life and this year I want my weeks set out in this way.  I aim to do a room a night of housework if I am home.  I want to keep a cleaner and tidier house.  I always want to get better at planning my meals and with that try to cook more new things.

I bought myself a diary from Big W for under $15 and it is AWESOME!

I have columns for my husband and I, Bills, Cleaning, Meals & Miscellaneous.  I hope to be able to keep up on using this all year and hopefully it will work.  The main two things I want to organise are meals and cleaning.

4.  I want to be doing at least 3 blog posts a week.

I am loving writing this blog so much!  But sometimes it's easy to forget about it because it does take time and effort.  I want to get back into it and try for at least 3 posts a weeks which I think it achievable.  I want to get better at taking photos because I love using my own.

So CHEERS to the year ahead!  Let me know what your new years resolutions are and maybe we can help each other to keep them!

Take Care & Happy New Year!

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