28 January 2014

A day at the Adelaide Central Markets

So I just realised I had never done my post on the day out with my sisters last weekend - WHOOPS sorry! :)  So here it is...

As you may have guessed from the title of this post I decided to take them to the Adelaide Central Markets as there were extreme bush fires in Adelaide Hills and I didn't want to risk going too far out.  My sisters love Asian culture and I knew there were many Asian shops and eateries there so thought it would be the perfect outing.

While we were walking into the markets we came across the most beautiful shop called Yummy Ribbon which was full of homemade hair ribbons and other lovely bits and bobs.

I could have looked around this shop for the longest time so just had to take some photos of it for you.  If you live in Adelaide or come and visit then definitely pop in!  I even read on their Facebook Pink (that's right - the singer!!) even bought some ribbons for her little girl.

 We browsed a few shops and then had lunch as we got into the markets quite late.  My husband and I had Greek food which we love (my husband is half Greek) and my sisters had Korean.

My Meal:  Lamb Yiros with Aioli Sauce & a Greek Salad

My Husband's Meal:  Chicken Schnitzel with Gravy, Chips & a Greek Salad

After lunch we browsed the stalls inside the markets, which I absolutely love to do!  I love seeing all the fresh produce and hearing the bustle of the crowd.

There is nothing quite like going to the markets, I love it! You can buy everything and anything and most of it is much better quality than in normal supermarkets.  I really reccomend heading down to your local markets as they make for a great day out!

Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend and a great long weekend if you're in Australia!

Let me know what you favourite thing to do in your city is!  I'd love to know!

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