10 January 2014

Friday Ramblings 10/01/2014

In case the title of this post didn't point out the obvious to you then IT"S FRIDAY!!!   Woohooo!!!  I am so happy!  It's pretty sad that I've only been back at work for a week and I'm already longing for the weekend but it is what it is. :)

Tonight I am going to make chicken pasta with mushrooms sauce and avacado and cream all mooshed into one yummy scrummy dinner.  I don't have a recipe but we'll see how I go.  Then I plan to watch Better Homes and Gardens because I'm a granny like that and then clean up a tad.  Tomorrow we are putting grass into our front yard and then I'm having my husband's family over for lunch and then going to tea at his brother and wife's house.  Should be fun!  I love weekends when I have plans but not too many :)  Tis awesome!

This is a picture my Dad took of a tinsy winsy little wittle ducky!

I don't really know why I'm doing two posts today but I just felt like doing a chatty one because I'm really looking forward to tonight!  Only 1 hour and 12 minutes to go! Haha.

We might finish watching the first Hunger Games tonight.  I'm not sure whether I'm enjoying it as I find the concept quite strange and confronting.  I'm not sure I like the fact a movie about teenagers killing each other is so popular?  Not sure...

It's going to be so hot next week so I hope to maybe have a bath tonight while the weather isn't too hot (even though it is still pretty hot today).  I went on a MASSIVE lush spending spree (in fact I went 3 times) and got all their Christmas stock half price which is awesome!  I am loving it!

So if you were all wondering what the title of this post meant, I have decided to make a new Friday feature as it is now 2014.  Friday Ramblings will just pretty much be me rambling about what I'm up to in my life but nothing really in particular.  I love these types of posts and I hope you do to!

What are you doing this weekend?  Something fun I hope!  Let me know :)

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